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We help to Get Divine Answers for Your Mind Pressing Questions 

Rishi Prasanam - "Voice of Maharishi"

The Instant Rishi Prasanam reading is said to be the " Voice of Maharishi "because of the Process. The Disciple act as a Medium to interpret the communication from the divine channel. This Rishi Live channel Reading will help deconstruct the challenging roadblocks and guide to reconstruct them with benefits realization.

A Rishi Prasanam Live channel divine reading can help you resolve Mind blocking questions in various area life aspects like relationships challenges, business prospects, Career direction, Professional growth, Marriage, Love, Children, Promotion, and many more, etc.

Maharishi Live Channel Instant prediction has gained its success in guidance of Personal and Professional path to yield the betterment in life. This Instant astrological prediction and solutions can help you to give a deep insight into near term period, challenges and preventive measures.


Rishi Prasanam Live channel divine reading can help individual to Focus on the Near term Period challenges and to solve burning question in any area of your life marriage, finance, children, health, profession, and much more.

  • Relationships challenges
  • Business prospects
  • Launch of New business
  • Career direction
  • Professional growth
  • Marriage Compatibility
  • Children education and future
  • Promotion and many more relate to Any area of Personal and Professional path


  • On Spot Instant divine channel reading can brings a divine perspective with its unique remedial guidance can help to remove obstacles, which has been eluding you.
  • Revels Personal and Professional present circumstances, challenges, and its root cause.
  • Provide Guidance to decision factors for betterment in Life
  • Helps to gather answer for your life challenging Situation.
  • Helps to gains positive waves and energy with Peace of Mind.

Rishi Prasanam also recommends Instant Solutions. These rituals are unique. Based on individual karma, these rituals are mostly performed at exclusive temples through the disciple who is specialized in these rare remedial practices.


Our Rishi Prasanam Disciple has received the blessings from renowned Maharishi for pursuing the Rishi Prasanam live Channel Prediction since the year 1995. Our Guruji is helping with these divine predictions to solve Personal and Professional life challenges through his blessing.

Our Discple Guruji Instantly Interpreted the divine communication through his spiritual Practice and decoded the shared information which has helped many souls to reconstruct their Life. This Rishi channel also suggests effective remedies prescribed by Maharishi to solve your problems.

Rishi Prasanam- Instant Consulting Procedure 

  • Step 1: Share the E-Copy of your name written by once through WhatsApp/Email.
  • Step 2: Pooja will be Performed based on the Instruction Maharishi through Disciple.
  • Step 3: Based on the Appointment, Rishi Prasanam Reading will be performed.
  • Step 4: Rare cases Individual need to choose a Number based on the range shared by disciple
  • Step 5 :Perform the remedies suggested in the Reading.

How do I get Online Rishi Prasanam predictions? 

Tirikala is happy to present ‘Online Rishi Prasanam Live channel Reading’ Book an appointment ->> Pay Online ->> Prediction ->> Remedial Solutions

USD: 18

INR: 1200