• Tirikala,Vaitheeswaran Koil

Ashtamangala Prasnam

Tirikala is happy to present " Ashtamangala Prasnam" - ​Ancient Practice to ascertain the unknown causes of unwelcome situations Ashtamangala Prasanam is Performed to diagnanosis all good and evil matters challenging your life situation.The most efficient way to explore why the desired rectificaion solutions has not been achieved and to guide further. We Process complex Analytical interpretation, Holistic analaysis and Astro Physics interpretations to conclude accurate remedial solutions for specific challenges.


  • Kula Devata
  • Curses through ancestors
  • Pitru Sabha ​for Progeny Delay
  • karma incurred through ancestors
  • Major challenges and set-backs
  • Health and wealth Blockages.

What will be the Benefits of Ashtamangala prasnam Reading ?

  • Complete Diagnosis report about family Registar
  • Details of the rituals to perform
  • Details about person to perform these rituals Time frame

About The Disciple  

Our Guruji has gained the experience with his regresses training from various guruji across different part of India for almost 15 years. He has been helping people through Ashtamangala Prasnam predictions which helps to solve all uncertainty in life for the past 15 years. His knowledge and exposure in this Field has gain a good reputation. His predictions and guidance are accurate till now which has helped many people to lead to betterment in their life.

Consulting Procedure: 

  • Photo copy needed.
  • Palm photos of both the hands
  • Horoscope if available
  • Birth date and time

Online Process : 

Tirikala is happy to present ‘Online Ashtamangala Prasnam Reading Process ’ Book an appointment ->> Pay Online ->> Prediction ->> Remedial Solutions

Offline Process:  

Tirikala is happy to Offer “Online Ashtamangala Prasnam Reading Process” Consult ->> Book an appointment ->> Pay Online ->> Prediction

USD: 27

INR: 1800