• Tirikala,Vaitheeswaran Koil

Banana Stem Juice – Vazhaithandu water

Tirikala Banana stem Juice is a “divine preparation”.

What Makes this Juice special?

Tirikala’s Stem water is directly extracted from Banana tree with ancient traditional guidance.

The Fresh Banana Stem Juice discolored too dark if it’s exposed to air /Temperature for Long time. This is time where the Juice Start to lose it Healing Property.

The extracted stem water directly taken from Farm and its Process without any Preservation nor additive products. This Ancient methodological Process helps to retain its healing Property.

Benefits of Banana Stem Water – Vazhaithandu Drink.

  • Treat kidney stones and UTI
  • Detoxification the human body
  • Overcome Poor Digestion
  • Reduce weight and support weight Loss
  • Regulate Cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Heal acidity and gastric problems.