Palm Leaf Nadi astrology - Leaf identification Process Outcome

Nadi Astrology - Data collection and analysis on Leaf Identification Process Outcome?

Nadi Palm Leaf Identification

Nadi astrology - Palm leaf reading different from other form of astrology and Spiritual guidance. Based on the various research and data interpretation we finally Observed two important factors Play a vital role in End-to-end Process.

  1. Individual Karma
  2. Ancestral Karma

Even though there are lot of Misconception and Various Perception of Information surfing on the internet about Leaf Identification Process. Based on our Guruji direction we start to gather information about the Process with the Below classification of people

  • Spiritual Believer on Process
  • Spiritual Non-Believer on Process
  • Atheism with Logical Person
  • Common Person

The above 4 category of people we Make to Identify the Stage 2 Process -Leaf identification with Different Nadi Reader starting from Learner to Experienced. The Finding was bit supressed and interesting as Categories 1 & 3 People with basis Nadi readers has founded the Leaf with in the Pre-defined time. Another Deep Dive on the research finding was really surprised as the Past /Carry over Karma was Lesser compared to Other than 2 category and within the category for these People.

To Conclude as this stage, I need to Refer to Rishi Agastya had suggested Statement as fact. “ It is believed that predictions can only come true when the person is not in the bondage of wrong deeds of previous life. If these cures are performed with absolute participation and devoid of any divergence, he assures the occurrence of the events forecasted by him.


To Be continue

Team -Tirikala 

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