Temple Greatness about Sri KalyanaSundareswarar Nallur temple

An Overview about Temple Greatness 

This is one of the 275 Thevara Padal Petra Sthalams and 20th Shiva temple on the south bank of Cauvery praised in Thevaram hymns. This pathigam can be sung to get relief from Curse caused due to astrological Planets


Pandavas Mother Kundhidevi incurred dosha as she had children with Panchaboodhas. She approached Maharshi Naradha for a solution.Naradha suggested that she should bathe in seven oceans for relief. When Kundhi Devi pleaded her inability to do so as women. Narada suggested that she should worship Lord Kalyana Sundareswarar and he would offer the next suggestion then. Before Kundhi finished her prayers here, Narada brought the waters of the seven oceans (Saptha Sagaram) to the tank in the temple. Kundhi belonging to Magam Star bathed in the tank and was relieved of her dosha.

Thirunavukkarasar : Since Lord Shiva gave Deeksha to Thirunavukkarasar by placing His feet on him, as a rare custom in a Shiva temple, the devotees are blessed by placing Sataari as done in Vishnu Temples.

Sage Bringi :The lingam has many holes across. Sage Bringi, an ardent devotee of Siva, was not ready to worship the Goddess. So he took the form of vandu (bee family) and worshipped Shiva alone by flying around Him. Hence there are small holes on the Shiva linga. Vaalakilya munivar performed thapas as vandu (beetle) in the holes and attained mukthi here. 

Amaraneethi Nayanar : One of the 63 nayanmars, Amaraneethi Nayanar, spent his life supplying undergarments to all worshipers. Lord Shiva wanted to test his devotion and appeared to him in the form of a Brahmin. The Brahmin deposited a piece of rag in the custody of Amaraneethi, which was lost by a trick. Brahmin demanded equal weight of gold in return of the lost rag. 

Amaraneethi deposited all his wealth in one side of a scale pan, but it did not balance. Finally, he submitted himself and his wife in the scale pan. Shiva was pleased by the devotion of the nayanar and bestowed him with all his wishes.

Sri Maha Kal : According to Bujandar naadi, Sri Maha Kali who was responsible for defending this region against the invasion of Malik Kafoor is glowing with Her divine presence here. Worshipping Her on Fridays and Ashtami is believed to absolve many doshams of devotees. Ashtapuja Kali with 8 arms is present in the south prahaaram of this temple. 


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