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Yantra- astronomical instruments

"Tirikala's Yantra making is a scared Process which requires spiritual dedications and divine Blessing. Our Yantra Making Process is unique and its scientifically based on Individual Karmic challenges. We have undoubtedly gained extensive knowledge from various researches about this scared geometry"

At Tirikala,we traditionally drew and energise yantra through scared palm leaf siddhar's scriptures methodology.This energized yantra are traditionally considered as an undoubtedly private key for sufficiently establishing mythic resonance with scared astronomical esthetics, macrocosm and Meta Physics.

These Yantra typically maintains an exceptional ability to accurately observe specific frequency cosmic energy and typically transmit them without potential loss into their dynamic environment.This energized yantra typically then establish a connection to effective protection and vibrate sympathetically with a positive vibe in the unique environment.

Only Astrology center with Dedicated In-House Yantra Making Center

Tirikala Yantra Making Process

How do Yantra Work?

A Yantra is traditionally the symbolic representation of the mantra. Yantras work on the mythic resonance of the powerful mantras. Once you naturally start reciting by heart mantra by concentrating fiercely on the centre of the Yantra with complete devotion it connect you with the divine energies and helps to manifest your conscious thoughts.Yantras enhances the concentration power and thus help in naturally increasing the sufficient intensity of the sincere prayers which in practical turns makes the instinctive urge to fulfil our wants more strong and influential.The extraordinary powers of a Yantra thrive economically on the reverberation of cosmic energies.

Yantra efficiently is a mystical object. Every Yantra traditionally has a ruling deity and the potential energies of this the deity are carefully stored in the Yantra through the powerful mantra.The conscious thoughts and wishes are amplified during Yantra Pooja with Mantra chanting paves a way by instantly connecting the divine vibrations to the worldly desires one prays for and then this thought is manifested.

How we Map Yantra to Individual Karma?

Gross body - Karmic challenges of individuals are mapped into geometrical representation by the recommended Materials. Cleansed as per ancient Nadi and Agama scripture and finally recommended energized by mantras, Puja, and hawan / Homam from scriptures with Time-space calculations.These Yantra which help to observe cosmic energy to rectify and reshape the essential qualities of Jeeva (life) with Causal body and prana (Subtle body). Thus, an energetic Yantra is created with Tirikala..

Yantra Types

  • Yantra of principal deities
  • This Yantra is a Geometric diagram composed of shapes such as triangles, squares, circles, and lotus leaves, which often represent the energy fields of specific deities..

  • Yantra with Astrological significance

    This Yantras help to positively enhance the positive effects of your ascendant and considered Malefic planets which may instantly change your active life

  • Architectural Yantra
  • This Type of yantra efficiently used for the ground plans of lands

  • Numerical Yantra
  • yantra are typically used for comprising select combinations of considerable numbers which traditionally serve as talismans

  • Purposeful Yantra
  • Yantra for traditionally meant for a certain purpose

Why From us

  • Traditionally Prepared and handwritten through Spiritual Gurujis.
  • Blessed, Energized, and activated based on Nadi and Agama Shastras
  • Attract and Observe more Powerful energy than Printed Yantra in market
  • Accurate Geometric design, Best in Quality with Affordable Price.
  • Resulted Achieved 99.99%

Our Handwritten Energized Yantra collections include

Malefic Planet yantra collections

  • Yantra For Lord Sun : Help to get rid Lord Surya malefic effects
  • Yantra For Lord Saturn : Help to get rid of Lord Sani malefic effects like Delays, Hazy thoughts.
  • Yantra For Lord Moon : Help to get rid of Lord Chandra malefic effects and to Manage emotional disturbances.
  • Yantra For Lord Jupiter : Help to get rid of Lord guru malefic effects and to attain children or Progeny.
  • Yantra For Lord Mercury : Help to get rid of Lord Bhudha malefic effect and to Improve Memory, analytical ability.
  • Yantra For Lord Venus : Help to get rid of Lord Sukra malefic effects
  • Yantra For Lord Kethu : Help to get rid from Lord Kethu malefic effects and manage confusion, bestows prosperity.
  • Yantra For Lord Mangal : Help to get rid of Lord-Mangal malefic effects and to Manage Devastating for marriage.
  • Yantra For Lord Rahu : Help to get rid from Lord Raghu malefic effects like mishaps and accidents
  • Yantra For Navagraha : Help to get rid of Navagraha or combination of any Navagraha resulting malefic effects.

Protection Yantra Solutions

  • Ganapathy Yantra
  • Kubera Yantra
  • Kala Bhairava Yantra
  • Sri Chakra Yantra
  • Narashima Yantra
  • Ayyapan Yantra
  • Panchacharam Yantra
  • Murugan Yantra
  • Maha Lakshmi Yantra
  • Shiva Yantra
  • Kali Yantra
  • Vishnu Yantra
  • Shakthi Yantra
  • Durga Yantra
  • Saraswathi Yantra
  • and Many More On Demand...

Customised Yantra

  • Yantra For Education
  • Yantra For Wealth
  • Yantra For Business
  • Yantra For Dream Job
  • Yantra For Stable Finance
  • Yantra for Promotion
  • Yantra for Protection
  • Yantra For Intellectual
  • Yantra For Spirituality
  • Yantra For Quick Marriage
  • and Many More On Demand..