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A part of Tirikala Karmic solution initiatives to share the unique collection of ancient divine mantras from various scripture which can help for the Betterment of people in various aspect of Life.we arepleased to Offer ancient Mantra and Concepts for the betterment of the soul in all aspects of universal Cosmic Energy.

Mantras are one of the most misunderstood aspects of life.Mantras are impulses or rhythms of the consciousness.We can explain how a mantra is not just a sound that you utter but something that you strive to become.They create vibrations in the spirit. Their effects, influence, method, and mode of working are all a mystery.

Mantra means "to free from the mind" it is a strange divine formula, which, if repeated will ultimately lead to divine consciousness. Mantra is a collection of letters scientifically arranged and energized by constant repetition. They give rise to definite forms; repetition of a Mantra has the mysterious power of bringing about the manifestation of Divinity. It represents this very Consciousness; it becomes the means of awakening the hidden Consciousness in us. Chanting mantras of auspicious lines or words will help to overcome the problems, and also the sound patterns also work with different parts of the body and can help to overcome the situation and will change outcome.

Chanting mantras helps to heal the body, protect the mind, and manifest human desires by connecting the person who is chanting with the divine. The ability to chant must take those engaged in it to the innermost places within themselves.

About this Mantra and Prayers Track:

These Mantra Prayers songs are the Most Powerful Mantra composed 1800 years back by Tamil Saint Thirugnanasambandar, Saint Appar, Saint Sundarar, and saint manickavasagar with their great spiritual wisdom and seeking the Truth through Lord Shiva blessing.Many of these Prayer Chants have been composed by Saints and written through the hands of Lord Shiva .

These splendid powerful words (mantram) in these hymns would help mankind to Provide Protection and Betterment in all aspect of Life Journey.Regular chanting of these mantras can bring about all the benefits very effective in healing illness and emotions, strengthening your physical vitality, or minimizing thoughts and confusion.

How do we Pray with this Mantra ?

  • Listen to this track on a regular basis even if you are not able to understand the language.
  • Involve yourself continuously by listening this track which will direct towards betterment in life.
  • You could also do this prayer on behalf of somebody else

Powerful Mantras to clear the karma

Mantra to Overcome Education Hindrance
Mantra to Get Married Soon and to get the desired husband
Mantra to improve husband and wife Relationships
Progeny Mantra to Conceive Baby
Powerful Mantra for pregnant women
Protection Mantra from Negative and Evil energy
Healing mantra for health alignment and illness
Mantra to get rid of financial debt
Mystic mantra for business success and Improvement
Mantra to get relief from Navagraha Malefic effects
Magical Mantra for Health Healing and Transformation
Mantra to reduce health attack risk and Paralaysis attack
Mantra to heal eye disease. Get Better Eyesight and vision
Mantra to Overcome Stammering & speech defect
Mantra for Good health and well-being
Authentic Mantra to Remove Bad karma and Karma rectification
Mantra to deal and Defeat Enemies enemies
Mantra for Natural cloud seeding and Rainfall
Mantra to favor legal battle, litigation and Court cases
Mantra to acquire wealth. Prosperity, and property
Mantra to achieve Business Growth and attract More customers
Mantra for Good Yield in Agriculture and Increase Yields.
Mantra to Recover stolen belongings and to Get Back Lost Person
Mantra to achieve Financial Success and Clear All Debts
Mantra to reduce Lord Shani Malefic effects and Sada Sati period challenges
Mantra for Better Eye Vision and Good Eye sight.
Mantra Prayer for Protection from ememies and Karma
Mantra to Clear Road Block in life and achieve Peace of Mind
Mantra to Decode Purpose of Life and self-realization
Mantra help to Identify your Spiritual Guru
Best Mantra for Spiritual Awakening
Mystic Mantra for Karma clearance and Balancing

Disclaimer :

  • These mantras are not alternatives to medical measures offered by medical professionals and should not be treated as such.
  • The music on the channel is licensed and cannot be re-uploaded /re produces by other creators for any comercial purposes