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About Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology is a divine Predictive methodology to decode patterns of destiny.

Tirikala's - Most Powerful astrological tools. We apparent use this scared palm-leaf to revel Eventual negative karma of a noble soul. Through the Profound Vision of Maharishi, they have occasionally observed and etched in the Manuscripts during their life period. These etched sacred writings are traditionally serving modern humanity to better understand once-own karmic action and Because of its favorable reaction during their noble births..

Nadi Astrology talks about a capable person's historic forgotten events, present, and foreseeable future. These rare events are precisely concerned with various key aspects of private life Job, Profession, cultural construction, Progeny, successful marriage, miraculously curing possible disease, etc. This finding are recorded by Enlightened Maharishi, specific Siddars ages back

Why Kanda Nadi Special
Each Maharishi genuinely has their own deeper Perception and broadens proper understanding of various karmic situations. Out of their deep compassion to civilized humanity, each maharishi has undoubtedly provided a unique opportunity through their carefully pre-written destinies. To evolve naturally with their appropriate best remedial measure to redivert negative karma and possible course instantly correct yours Life in the promising direction.
We Tirikala are Unique.

Nadi readers from Tirikala are undoubtedly of absolutest integrity. These loyal readers typically acquired necessary skill from Center of Nadi astrology institute, Vaitheeswaran kovil, India through their rigorous training.

Tirikala thoughtfully provides authentic Nadi reading service and merely ensure palm leaves used by loyal readers are reliable and accurate which are unanimously passed to them from their noble ancestors.

We also read Rare Nadi palm Leaf’s lets of various siddhas and Maharishi from divine guidance’s.

Scarcely Identify your Maharishi Palm Leaf to Understand your Karma.

We are Pleased to exclusive offers 5+ Maharishi Palm Leaflets Nadi astrology to vicariously experience the scared leaf guidances. On specific demand we also read Rare Nadi astrology palm Leaflets of others siddhas and Maharishi.

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Maha Shiva Nadi
Sri Sivavakkiyar (also transliterated Civavakkiyar,Maha Shiva Vakkiyar, Siva Vakkiyar) was a great Tamil Poet who lived in the period preceding the 10th Century A.D. Sri Sivavakiyar, was born with Lord Shiva's name on his lips. he is said to have lived for over 4,000 years. It is believed that he was an Atheist who later converted to Saivism and then to Veera Vaishnavaism. He deeply studied the religions of Jainism, Buddhism, Veganism and Maliyam (Vaishnavism) and against caste, creed, gender, and religion. He attained Siddhi at near vaitheeswaran Kovil. His contributions are mainly in the fields Medicine, Yoga and Astrology - especially Nadi Astrology
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Rishi Agasthiyar Nadi
Sri Agasthiyar (also transliterated as Agathiar, Agasthiar, Agastyar, Agasti, Agastiar, Kurumuni) is a legendary saptha Rishis, who is considered as the Guru for all siddhars. He is considered as the Father of Tamil literature and compiled the first Tamil grammar called Agathiyam. It is believed that he has lived in the 6th or 7th century B.C and specialized in language, alchemy, medicine, and spirituality (yogam and gnanam).His contributions are mainly in the fields of Medicine and Astrology - especially Nadi Astrology.
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Sri Kaaga pujandar Nadi
Kagabhujandar (also transliterated Kaagapujandar,Kagabujandan , kaga bhujandar Kagapujandar ) is considered to be an eminent siddha. Kagabujanda Siddhar did penance for 16 years, and Lord Shiva appears to him as Shodasa lingam with 16 stripes during a pradhosha time. He attains salvation at east corner of Sri Swarnapureeswarar Temple at Then Ponparappi. This great saint is said to have witnessed in the form of a crow several cycles of creation and destruction. His contributions are mainly in the fields Enlightenment and Astrology. Perunool Kaviyam, Gnana Kaviyam, Meignana Vilakkam, Upnishads, Sutras, Gnana Kural, and Nadi Astrology are some of his great contributions.
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Siddhar Thirumular Nadi
Tirumular (also spelt Thirumoolar,) is a Yogi originally from Madurai who travelled to Mount Kailaayam and become a disciple of the great Nandi deva in the Himalayas, Periya shiva Puranaman Confirm that he lived in the period 840 to 864 ce. Nandhi Devar preached and taught him Nine Veda Agamas. He attained Jeeva Samadhi in Chidambaram, but he is an Immortal Being, available even today in subtle ways and guide his seekers who want to serve, help, and bring healing to humanity. His contributions Thirumandhiram (Literal meaning – “Sacred mantra” or “Holy incantation”) a vast storehouse of esoteric yogic and tantric knowledge. It contains the mystical essence of raja yoga and siddha yoga, and the fundamental doctrines of the 28 Saiva Siddhanta Agamas.
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Bogar Mamunivar Nadi
Bogar (is spelt as Bogar, Bhogar, Boganathar, Boyang or Bo-Yang) is a Tamil siddhar who lived sometime between 550 and 300 BC. He is the disciple of Kalangi Nathar and Agastya’s. Bogar proceeded to China to spread the knowledge of siddha sciences. He is discoverer of an elixir of immortality. he is founder of Siddha alchemical practice The Pharmacognosy is the best known of his treatises. He attained Jeeva Samadhi in hill temple of Palani where he seated quietly in meditation even now, alone in the darkness; watching the slow passage of time. His contributions are mainly in the field’s meditation, archery, Alchemy, Astronomy, Yantric designs and Kriya yoga.
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Rare Nadi
Palm Leaf Nadi scriptures are read based good karma which involuntarily attracted to read the leaves by force of circumstance or under compulsion. All siddhas are interlinked with one other’s either as a Guru or Disciple which helps them to transfer Knowledge and its Upgradation. Each Maharishi has their own point of perception in Karma Prediction, remedies, and their resolution. Rare Nadi palm Leafs lets of various sidhars and Maharishi from divine are chosen based on the guidance’s and approval from gurujis

Nadi Astrology talks about an innocent person's glorious past, present and foreseeable future.They are principally concerned with various Aspects of like Job, Profession, possible construction of noble house, Progeny, successful marriage, instantly eliminating a potential disease, etc. which. Is already written by Enlightened Maharishi, Siddars ages back.