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About Nadi Astrology Chapters

Nadi Astrology is like a mirror of one's karmas from the previous birth(s) from athman. Athman is the 'real' self with nobody, no mind or no desire. Athman is immortal and characterized by self.Transformation Applies to the physical bodies. The normal Karmic cycle evolves from birth, childhood, teenager, adulthood, old age, and death. The self-realization of the soul (the Athma) enters a different body depending on the individual Good or Bad deeds ( Karma ) one has performed. Athman/Soul manifests in a physical body as per applicable karma. Rishi had classified Nadi astrology into 12 general chapters and 8 Special chapters below for the betterment.

Nadi Astrology – General Chapter

The most important Chapter for Nadi astrology seeker which comprises future predictions for rest of the life. The Chapter summarizes various aspects of all your abilities, desires, resources, comforts, fortunes, enjoyment, liberation, and enlightenment which guide to decode purpose of birth.

Nadi Astrology – Family Chapter

This Chapter Focus on your involvement with Family and its possessions. The Chapter summarizes various aspects your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to handle your loved ones and to explore your financial potentials.

By reading this chapter can help to redefine your life to lead healthy, wealthy, and blissful life with your loved ones.

Nadi Astrology – Siblings Chapter

This Chapter regulates a person’s desire, dream, and ability to deal with specific life’s challenges. This Chapter summarizes various aspects of positive and negative factors to lead a smother relationship with Sibling. This chapter also help to Improvise your communication skills and compatibility which is key Factor to maintain Health relationship.

This Reading can help to reorganise your Healthier relationship with Family member and Blood relationship.

Nadi Astrology –Maternal Pleasure Chapter

This chapter gives prediction about the role and influence of mother in Nadi seeker life journey. This Chapter summarizes various aspects of role and Influence, relationship compatibility and challenges with mother through the clues of the karmas to be suffered in this lifetime. This chapter also share the details in terms of possessions and material pleasures.

This Reading can help to restructure lifestyle through Mother whose blessings are indispensable to accumulate wealth and comforts

Nadi Astrology –Children / Progeny /Off-Springs chapter

This chapter has details information about the Progeny of the Nadi seekers. This chapter summarizes various aspects of Parenthood travel includes no of children from Birth, lifespan, no of children, Achievements, Challenge, death, and their overall performance.

This Reading can help to decode the karmic challenges behind the delay or challenges in having children, adoption with the effective remedial measures for the better future of your children

Nadi Astrology –Enemy and Disease Chapter

This chapter shares the details about the Challenges faces through external and Internal Mechanism during their Life Span. The Chapter summarizes the External Factors – Enmity, Legal Battel its Cause, and reason behind this. The Internal Factors such as time Period and duration of Health challenges.

The Reading reveals the effective measures for avoidance illness, positive measures for overcoming from enemies’ strategy to live with Peace of mind.

Nadi Astrology –Marriage Chapter

This chapter reveals information about matrimonial Journey of Nadi Seeker. This chapter summarizes various aspects by helping your soul mate search includes Clues about name of spouse, sacred time Period for marriage, compatibility, and conflicts time Periods with the Soul mate.

cause for delay in marriage if any,The divine solutions Reading share an insight to lead a happy married life.

Nadi Astrology –Longevity Chapter

This Most important chapter revealed to anyone gives predictions about Soul Journey Time of the Nadi seekers.

This chapter summarizes various aspects of Life journey with specific & crucial information about any mishaps and they Methods to prevent and safeguard from it. This reading will help to Predict the way of Soul exist from the universe, details of approximate age, time, lagan and nakshatra. In Nadi Astrology, this is an important chapter to have revealed to any one

Nadi Astrology –Paternal Pleasure Chapter

This chapter gives information about the Nadi seeker's ancestral and Paternal relationship.

This Reading summarizes various aspects of Paternal relationship. It helps to understand larger concepts about your Origin Roots, carry forward karma which will Lead a way to abstract realities, follow ethics and morals, Practice religious deeds, charities, and finally in search of religious gurus, Through deep thoughts, yoga, and meditation

Nadi Astrology –Profession /Job /Business Chapter

This chapter gives information about the Nadi seeker's acts of Profession.

This Reading summarizes various aspects about Profession, career choice, change in place, merits and demerits in profession, changes in jobs, what type of business is suited for you, or which type of business shall fetch your ample profits, any struggles, setback, losses if any

Nadi Astrology –Profit Conveyance Chapter

This chapter gives information about the Nadi seekers about their primarily fulfilment of desires.

This Reading summarizes various aspects about the way in which you will gain any benefit through any kind of conveyance, foreign sources, inheritance, speculation etc.

Nadi Astrology –Second Marriage Chapter

This chapter gives information about the Nadi seekers about their Second Marriage if any.

Nadi Astrology – Salvation Chapter

This chapter gives information about the Nadi seekers about Soul detachments.

This chapter summarizes various aspects about Soul detachments Process like sleeplessness, separation, de-addictions to attain Moksha and liberate self from the continuous cycle of birth and death.

This Reading can help to decode the next birth or incarnation

Nadi Astrology – Past life karma Chapter

This chapter deals with the history of last birth, last birth sins, demerits accrued in present birth due to last birth sins and remedial measures.

Nadi Astrology – Chapter – Upadesh of Mantras

This chapter deals with holy mantras (sacred chants) to be recited, and the holy materials to be kept in prayer room. Subjugation of enemies and use of mantra to prevail over them, litigation, bad and evil effects, etc.

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