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Nadi Prasanam is a special branch in palm Leaf Nadi astrology which holds the information for all your questions. It is believed that these leaves are written only for the souls, who would seek the leaf, on their own according to a particular time.

This Nadi Prasanam astrology holds answers for all the questions from palm scriptures which has been written by various maharishi. The reading helps to revels information about once current moment and guide you for taking decision.

The Nadi Prasanam reading helps to get answer which is left open in Detailed reading.This reading help to understand the queries of the individuals and it offers them the right solutions to get relieved from their problems.

How its Help : 

This Nadi Prasanam Reading helps to guide the Decision making scenario like

  • Financial Growth
  • New Venture or Expansion of Business
  • Enlightenment Path
  • Education Hinderances
  • Planetary malefic effects
  • Remedial Solution for curse
  • Abroad and Foreign Travels etc,

Benefits : 

  • Helps to make important decisions about your current life situations
  • Helps to resolve long-standing and recurring queries related to any area of your life
  • Helps to receive guidance for new venture
  • Helps for planning for an auspicious event

About reader's : 

Tirikala's Nadi reader's are of highest integrity and acquired skill from years of rigorous training from Center of Nadi astrology, Vaitheeswaran kovil, India. Our Readers has Help Millions of People to guide them in their decision Making and ways to Move Fowards in all aspect of life area.

Consulting Procedure : 

  • Step 1: Be Prepared with your set of Question
  • Step 2: Guruji will interperted and answer your question with the Help of Palm leaf Lets
  • Step 3 :Conch shells (Rare case ) will be used for perfection and accuracy

Online Process : 

Tirikala is happy to present ‘Online Nadi Prasanam Reading’ Book an appointment ->> Pay Online ->> Prediction ->> Remedial Solutions

USD: 12

INR: 799