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Karmic Healing

Karma is repetitive, and its trauma will block the soul from realizing. This Blocks are Hard to break patterns. This transformation Pattern can be manifested into restless relationship, sickness, and More of Psychological disturbances.

These wounds will force People to respond Opposite to their natural behaviour. Everyone in Universe need to Overcome this Karmic Trauma.

That’s the Point where many get hold in Karma hands. All we can do at this moment is sit back and enjoy.

Very Few are Blessed to Bounced Back from this Trauma. our expert has identified the Fastest solutions to be on track is through “self-realisation”.

This Realisation will help you to scan your super imposed memory, its Past sequences to handle current Karmic challenges.

This decoding can be supported by Various Spiritual practice and Astrology tools like Palm Leaf Nadi Reading.

This Practice can help Scan your Super imposed memory through Maharishi guidance’s. Then Interpretation begins with analysis of every reaction based on your Previous action of your soul journey. This stage can only be achieved through once’s self-realisation Practice. That’s the starting point to Fix and heal oneself..

So Before Healing Process you should Understand

  • 1. What is your karma?
  • 2. How do all actions determine your results?
  • 3. How does intentions influence the quality of these result?
  • 4. How karma shape everything from your experience?
  • 5. Does karma teach people to be callous toward the sufferings of others?
  • 6. Do your karma and rebirth are metaphysical issues?
  • 7. why try to get out of karma and rebirth?

What  We Practice...

We Practice traditional astronomical analytical tools, concepts and its rectification measures recommended by enlightened people. Tirikala.com, Part of Tirikala Karmic solutions is a pioneer in online astrology service and helping lakhs of eligible souls to find their unique remedial solutions.

We Tirikala with our expertise knowledge can help you in your realization practice, with wide variety of karmic shastra and spiritual Practice. Our guidance’s can help you to understand and overcome with these karmic challenges.



We practice closely guarded ancient divine calculated methodology to drive an instant solution through disciple of our Guruji.

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We understand the destiny through Nadi Astrology. These are the divine scriptures etched by various Maharishis on Palm leaves.

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We perform ultimate traditional esoteric science using divine diagnosis tools to conclude an accurate remedial solution for specific challenges.

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Karma is unique and solution is specifc. Our research work from the scripture can provide best in class solution for your betterment.

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Our Expert guidance can help you

  • 1. To cater immediate Challenges with feasible solutions
  • 2. Decode your Karmic balance sheet for Betterment
  • 3. And step by step Effective balancing Remedial Measures.

which can help to you to play around with surprised karmic reaction.

Lakhs of Souls have decoded their Karmic challenges at Tirikala!
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