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Lord Vishnumaya Reading - God of magic

Vishnu Maya: A Scared traditional reading which channelizes the divine energy of the God of Magic. This Scared Energy is traditional passed through a human medium to instantly reveal a unique insight of your direct challenges and instantly solve them

Lord Vishnumaya comes down to the principal seat of human beings to miraculously cure their potential weakness, specific disease, Life challenges problems and eternal curse or even ill effects of evil powers. On Request Lord Vishnu Maya - God of magic naturally comes in the dancing form traditionally gives whatever the devotees Request and offers solution. Almighty Vishnu Maya can adequately provide to you valuable information about the historical events of your private life with better accuracy in ideal solutions for all your direct Life challenges.


  • ill- effects created by evil powers.
  • Disturbed family life.
  • Suffering due to Paranormal activites
  • Dead Lock in Business
  • Curse from forefathers
  • Insecurity and fear due to ill-vision .
  • Busines Stagnation due to evill eye.
  • Relationships and Love,
  • Money and Wealth,
  • Children and Family,
  • Past Life curse


  • Complete Diagnosis report about family Registar
  • Details of the rituals to perform
  • Details about person to perform these rituals Time frame.


Our Gurujis is reputed traditional vishnu mayai astrologer who has been practising carefully this spiritual sacred science for more than 30 typical years. He efficiently is an independent expert in carefully handing the paranormal, occult and genuine esoteric which help to overcome the personal challenges within the stipulated time frame based nature of the rare case.

He has been undoubtedly helping with his divine predictions to instantly solve Personal and Professional life challenges. This Insight Information can undoubtedly help you to overcome your potential roadblocks with the effective remedies prescribed by Lord Vishnu Maya and Maharishi.

Vishnumaya reading Consulting Procedure: 

Lord vishnu Maya or Divine Reading are performed with the details of the requesting person

  • Photo copy needed.
  • Palm photos of both the hands
  • Horoscope if available
  • Birth date and time

Online Vishnumaya Process : 

Tirikala is happy to offers ‘Online Vishnumaya Reading’ Book an appointment ->> Pay Online ->> Prediction ->> Remedial Solutions

Offline Vishnumaya Process:  

Tirikala is happy to Offer “Offline Vishnumaya Reading” On demand ->> Book an appointment ->> Pay Online ->> Prediction

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INR: 1200

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