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Ready to find out what your Karma is ?

Explore Karmic Debt

Discover your own piece of Karma

Prasana Nadi

For decision Making.

Rishi Prasanam

 For Life challenges

 Choli Prasanam 

  For marriage Challanges  

Agasthiyar Nadi

For Past life karma


For Negative energy

Thimba chakram

 For Birth time rectification  

Shiva Nadi

For Relationship Obstacles 

 Bogar Nadi

 For health misalignment

Vasisthar Nadi

For business Expansion

 Kandar Nadi

  Spiritual growth 

 Ashtamangala prasana

For ancestors curse and sin.

 Betal Leaf 

 Business and Legal disputes.

Equate Your Karma

A Simple processes to purify and gain mastery over Karma Using  five manifestation of cosmos

Unlock the secret of your Birth?

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A logical approach to heal current physical and emotional issues by decoding  Soul origin.

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