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Online karmic astrology consultations and reading

Karmic astrology Readings for soul growth

Gain insights into your karmic debt with traditional instant astrology to shape your life journey.Talk to Our Best online astrologers on call now. With years of expertise and a deep understanding of ancient astrological techniques, we provide accurate readings and guidance. Whether you seek answers to burning questions, a glimpse into your future, or guidance on love, career, or finances.

our experienced online astrologer is here to help. Our online platform offers real-time access to instant astrological readings, birth chart analysis, and personalized horoscopes, all delivered promptly by our trusted astrologer. Discover the profound impact of instant astrology and unlock the secrets of your life's journey with our trusted traditional online astrologer.

Unlock the future with our instant divine prediction to discover personalized insights and guidance. Embrace foresight, right here, right now !

  • Jeeva Nadi Astrology
  • Voice Of Siddhar
  • Vedic astrology

Karmic cleansing rituals and remedies

Ready to change karmic patterns? Consult our top online astrologers to experience the power of karmic healing through the universal law of cosmic manifestation. With Our profound knowledge of instant astrology solutions, we can help you understand and transform your life's karma dynamics.

Unlock the secret of your Birth?

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Karmic astrology combines three aspects of karma to gain valuable insight into the connection between past actions and present circumstances. Our logical approach helps uncover karmic patterns shaping one's destiny, empowering individuals to break free from negative cycles and make informed choices aligned with their highest purpose, fostering personal growth and fulfillment.

A logical approach to heal current physical and emotional issues by decoding Soul origin.

Karmic Reading

Karmic Reading unveils how your past actions shape your present circumstances and Life journey. Through analysis of the Karmic celestial positions at your birth, we helps to reveal these karmic forces shaping your destiny

Our Approach blend Siddhar processes and traditional methods which will help to gain insights into your karma, aiding to unlock your influencing forces.

Karmic Analysis

Karmic Analysis Astrology unveils the link between your past actions and current Sitaution, offer a profound insights into your karmic influences. we analyses these karmic patterns present at your birth and its sequence can help you to redefine your life journey.

We integrate Divination, Spirituality, and Astrological insight to guide you through challenges, shedding light on the forces shaping your destiny.

Karma Healing

Our Karmic Healing provide a transformative journey towards self-discovery and Inner Peace. Our Personalized karmic solutions help to address your karmic imbalances and guide you toward a greater aligned and pleasing life course.

Our approach integrates ancient Agamic and Vedic traditions, offering effective remedial solutions to break your karmic patterns

Why choose us

Choose Tirikala for our unparalleled expertise in karmic astrology, blending three aspects of karma to provide profound insights into your life's journey. Our unique approach unveils karmic patterns, empowering you to break free from negative cycles and make informed decisions aligned with your ultimate purpose.



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About Tirikala

Our roots are deep into Sidhars way of Practices.

Tirikala's expertise in karmic resolution is deeply rooted in the ancient Siddhar Tradition, particularly through the enlightened teachings of Siddhar Sivaprakasham Ayya near Thiruvellarai, Tamil Nadu.Siddhar Sivaprakasham Ayya imparted his spiritual teachings and practices to his discplies.

With the profound wisdom passed down through generations,Tirikala specializes in resolving various energy imbalances and karmic patterns, offering reliable personalized insights solutions to address the diverse karmic challenges encountered on life's journey.

What we do?

Our aim is to unlock karma patterns, address energy imbalances, and enhance the lives of our clients

At Tirikala, we specialize in comprehensive karmic astrology deeply rooted in the Siddhar Agama shastra and Vedic Shastra traditions, with over 50 years of expertise in healing people.We offer personalized astrological consultations, remedial solutions, energy healing products, and assistance to individuals seeking to understand and optimize their karmic influences.

How Tirikala works?

Tirikala's astrological consultations are exclusively available through online Portal.

We analyze your birth factors, including Soul Journey, karmic celestial influences, and patterns, using a wide variety of ancient methodologies to understand the uniqueness of your karma.Our experts thoroughly understand your karmic challenges to pinpoint the root cause of your suffering, providing effective solutions through our online portal