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Nadi Astrology India | Powerful Nadi Astrology Online 2023 | Nadi Reading - Tirikala
Agasthiya Nadi

₹ 1872

Best for General Prediction

Equate Pending Karma
Bundle searching and Leaf Finding
5 yrs once - General Lifetime Prediction 
Major karmic Life event Forecast
Remedial Solutions - Puja ( If any)
Unique Mantra from Nadi Leaf
Favorable day & Lucky Aspect
Suggestive Gem Stone

Maha Shiva Nadi


Best for Marriage Prediction

Marriage Compatibility
Decode Karmic relationship.
Life events Forecast - 5 yrs once.
Details about Spouse Family
Time of Marriage and Physical appearance
Reason behind Marriage challenges.
Remedial Puja to remove Obstacles.
Marriage Life compatibility

Bogar Nadi


Best for Health Misalignment

Inner Health
Understand Karmic Reason for suffering.
Major Health & Life event Forecast. 
Identify to strengthen bad Karma
Diet Plan for healthy lifestyle.
Health Mantra with remedy Puja.
Yoga Methods to improvise health.
Favorable god and goddess for Prayers

Thirumoolar Nadi


Best for Spiritual Growth

Inner Health
Karmic Insight and its reactions
Spiritual and Life events Forecast
Route map for Spiritual Journey.
Meditation Practice to adopt.
Spiritual guidance to find guru.
Karmic Healing Puja and Mantra.
Favorable god to help your search.

Vasisthar Nadi


Best for Business Growth

Inner Health
Explore Pattern of karma Reincarnation
Auspicious Period for new venture.
Favorable & Unfavorable time-periods
Property and Financial Forecast.
Family and Relationship Predictions.
Remedial Solution and Unique Mantra.
Life events Forecast Prediction.

Lakhs of Souls have decoded their Karmic challenges at Tirikala! Now it is your turn for the happy Living   
Nadi: About Palm Leaf-Lets

A Divine Tools to Understand the Pattern of Destiny. Nadi prediction is a rare, divine technology that uses bio-metric impression to decode pattern of destiny.

Nadi reading principles is bound with various theories naturally created by the cosmo energy which has a crucial role in recycling the evolution of eternal life in the expanding universe.

This Divine tool can decipher Past, present & future human karmic consequences is recorded on palm leaf-Lets... (Read More)

Nadi : Predictive Techniques

The Palm Leaf Nadi reading is Predictive techniques derived through Science of Sound & Light which acts as a balancing mechanism for Cosmic recycling.

The Methodology was developed professionally by Our Sages as a Simple mathematical Set Equations of cause, Effect and Reincarnation with Coded and its Decode Mechanism.

This superior techniques help this divine information to Prevent get used by unethical Practitioner or Purpose ... (Read More)

Nadi reading: Benefits

Nadi reading instantly reveals the sacred mysteries of Cosmic recycling and its established chronology of a gentle soul.

This Reading eventually provides efficient balancing ways to miraculously transform residual karmic occurrences from various successful births.These Nadi leaf readings prescribed balancing methodologies (possible remedies) are ‘‘accurately set for corrective measures.

In a Nutshell this reading Shed the Light on the Purpose of this Birth... (Read More)

Our Lineage

In the early 13th Century, our beloved Rishi Sivaprakasham, attained enlightenment, near Trichy, Tamil Nādu, India. Before leaving his human form,he passed on his teachings, spiritual practices and even today, is our divine guide. Our roots are deep into Sidhars way of living. 

Our Nadi readers typically acquired necessary Nadi decoding and reading skills from the Center of Nadi astrology institute, Vaitheeswaran kovil, India through Our various rigorous training  for some at least 25 years and some for the last 50 years. Our Nadi Readers are blessed few who have learned this art from being passed down from generation to generation in the same clan....
Our readers have been blessed to read all forms of nadi from Kandar Nadi, Jeeva nadi and prasana Nadi.The Nadi readers are assigned for Reading based on the individual karma with the Divine Guidance from Our Beloved enlightenment rishi.
we are also involved in numerous research and in search of Palm leaves bundles to improvise the accuracy of Prediction. This Research exposure is helping our readers to identify the accuracy and authenticity of the palm leaf, and further extended to improvise decoding capabilities. Our Team is working and yet to explode unique and rare palm leaves into this Universe.

Read more

Nadi Process

Trikala's team has designed these simplified steps which help the  Nadi lovers to read their authentic Nadi reading from anywhere in the world.

Our team of experts can help you in your searches of your palm  leaf through this simplified process and get it read by our nadi's experts. Wish to Unlock your karma then you just need to follow this step.

  • Book you Search
  • Consult to Identify
  • Reveals the Destiny
  • Karmic Consulting

Search your Leaf

In search of your Karma start with the unique bio-metric identification of a Soul.

The female Nadi lovers are requested to should e-share their left thumb impression, and the male Nadi lovers right thumb impression with acceptable Quality.In quest of leaf , our Team of experts will identify palm leaf lets  bundle based on your Thumb impression. Based on your Karmic Sequences some may get the bundles immedietly some many get after a deep search. Based on the Bundle availability Leaf Mapping will be scheduled.

Find your Leaf

The Most Critical Step in Nadi astrology   reading Process. Our Experts will facilitates in search of your leaf on your own.To Identify your leaf from the Nadi bundle,our Nadi expert will help you with a set of predefined karmic  Occurrence  in your life for which you need to either say " yes or No ".

Information to look for the unique factors such as the sounds of your name, Parents Name and few karmic incidents in your life to identify your Nadi leaf. Based on the Leaf  availability , Next session 3 “ Revel “will be scheduled. Else Step 1 Search will be followed.

Decode your Information

Once your leaf is identified, our Nadi experts will re-confirm the basic information with you. This entire process will be  in support and guidance with our Chief Nadi astrologer

Based on Time-space Calculations , The Leaf will be open by our Nadi Experts to decode your karmic information and to transcribe them to modern Tamil / Requested Languages. You can participate in this session  through Live/E-Consultation..,

Equate your Karma

This is the Unique Process Followed only by Tirikala Experts.

This session will also be utilized as an Open-ended session where Experts answer any clarification raised by Nadi seekers. Our Karmic consulting experts will help to decode the Karmic actions and reaction based on your reading.

This session will also sheds the light of your reading by Help you to scientifically Maps your karmic reaction in the life.Further extend you to nadi seeker to Proactive handle their Life challenges in different angels for Betterment.

Nadi Chapters

Siddhars has highly organised the divine Nadi methodology into 12 general and 8 unique Classifications as Individual chapters based on the Various karmic actions interlinked with their souls journey.




Karmic Remedies

Child Boon

Enemy and Disease



Paternal Pleasure

Job ~ Business


Past Birth

Nadi Palm Leaf Lets

Each Maharishi has their own deeper Perception and broadens their knowledge on cosmic recycling. Based on their Understanding every Maharishi has shared their different dimension to Balance and resolve the Karmic act.

Frequently Asked Clarification

Do Nadi Readers manage to gather information from clients through the Identification process ?

The Methodology behind the Leaf Identification Process is to map the Exact leaf of a Soul with the Various Karmic acts of Soul. These Karmic act are interlinked within the soul journey. So the Information

What if my Palm leaf is not found?

Don’t worry. It will be found sooner or later from the master collection available in Vaitheeswaran Koil – a small town in South india, where it is believed the sages kept the palm leaf bunches

How secure is my thumb print?

Your privacy and security is the top priority for Tirikala.Upon service request completion all the information related to the person will be deleted in Our System through Automatic trigger and we don't Maintain any backup.

Do I Need to Have Birth Time /Horoscope for Obtaining these services ?

No, you don't need any

Why do I have to follow Pious behaviour till Reading?

The Divine guidance are Practices with Pre Defined set of rules and conditions which will help the Individuals to obtain Near match solutions.

Why is Pious behaviour to follow till reading ?

The Pious behaviour included activities like vegetarian food style, No alcohol, No Physical Intercouse and Importanly we should not perform any harm physical or Mental to any spices in the universes