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Welcome to Instant Divine Astrology

Instant Divine Astrology, your gateway to unlocking the hidden mysteries of the cosmos and gaining a deeper understanding of your destiny.Our Experts had combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques to provide you with accurate and real-time astrological guidance.

At Instant Divine Astrology, we understand that life can be filled with uncertainties. That's why our platform offers instant astrology readings and personalized karmic guidance that provide immediate answers to your pressing questions. Whether it's matters of love, career, relationships, or personal growth.

By tapping into the ancient wisdom of divine astrology, you can gain insights that empower you to make informed decisions, overcome challenges, and embrace opportunities. Our expert guruji's will guide you to align your path with the cosmic karmic energies for a harmonious and fulfilling life

Jeeva Nadi online Astrology Prediction Authentic Jeeva Nadi reader

Kandan Nadi

Best for Spiritual growth and Health Misalignment.

Instant Astrology Divine fortune Prediction Rishi Prasanam divination

Rishi Prasanam

Best guidance to overcome Present Life challenges

Prasana Nadi Astrology - Revealing Answers to Your Questions through Expert Prasana Nadi Readings

Prasana Nadi

Best Suit for Strategic and Tactical decision Making.

Our Lineage

In the early 13th Century, our beloved Rishi Sivaprakasham, attained enlightenment, near Trichy, Tamil Nādu, India. Before leaving his human form, he passed on his teachings, spiritual practices and even today, is our divine guide.

Our roots are deep into Sidhars agama shastra. Each member of Tirikala has been practising our beloved Rishi’s teachings for at least 15 years and some for the last 45 years. Our Specialisation practice is further extended through various ancient traditional Concepts which help to Unlock the Karma pattern with Simple and Effective methodologies.

Through divine gudiance practices' our guruji has been helping lakhs of souls to overcome from their Karma occurance and to lead their better life

How Divine guidance Online Process works

Tirikala had thoroughly developed this online divine guidance consulting process with simple steps to deliver remotely. If you would like to have a guidance,then all you need to do is this:

Book an appointment
Book an appointment

Share E-Copy Hand-written Name.

Choose your comfortable time slot.

Donate Food (If Possible).

Consult with Expert
Consult with Expert

Be Prepared with your specific Questions.

Consult with Expert to obtain answer.

Multi-Languages Support available.

Perform Corrective measure
Perform Corrective measure

Accept the possible answer from Divine.

Start performing Corrective measures for Betterment


Do I Need to Have Birth Time/Horoscope for Obtaining these valuable services?

No, you don't need any.

Why do I have to instantly follow Pious behaviour till Reading?

The practical Divine guidance has set of pre-defined rules and conditionso obtain near match solutions for the individuals to follow this.

Why is Pious behaviour to faithfully follow till reading?

The Pious behaviour typically included specific activities like vegetarian food style, No alcohol, No Physical Intercourse. Importantly you should do any harm either physical or by mind to any spices in the universe.

Can I take all 3 services together?

No, we generally don't Recommend but depending on case to case it varies.

Can I apply on behalf of someone?

We don't encourage it, but in case of Uncertainty you can apply.

Why do you need a handwritten Name before reading?

The unique Hard copy of your Name will be placed in Puja after you share with us will help our guruji to analyse your karma.

How does Tirikala.com differ in recommending Solutions?

Tirikala remedial Solution Focus only on possible Unique Karmic solution of an Individual rather than commercialised remedial Practices. Our practical Foremost recommendation efficiently is to Invest in your Own karma with our guruji universally recommended unique solution.