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Together, we can shape The Astro World

Let’s jointly move your business forward by leading innovation, co-creating customer-centric Astro solutions and capturing new markets.


Unlock new business opportunities to unlock borderless growth

Build trust and drive business

Manage customer experience, not just customer lifecycle

Tirikala Partnership Opportunities

An excellent opportunity to experience the miracle of serving people and help them to obtain betterment in life.

International Partnership

If you are interested in being a country representative for Tirikala.Com and Promoting the Tirikala Brand, products, and Services in your Region. Please reach us we can work together to take it forward.

Independent Astrologer

If you are a qualified Astrologer, karmic solutions experts or vastu experts and wish to join with Tirikala. Please let us know our expert team will reach you.

Affiliate Program can provided content for high-quality astrological Product and services for your website. We also host of other options to choose form. Let Discuss and move forward.

Referral Partnership

Be our Official representative of, to promote our divine Products and services and products to those who need religious rituals, ceremonies & products.

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