Ancient Practice helps to accurately ascertain the unknown cause of unwelcome situations.

Tirikala is happy to traditionally present " Ashtamangala Prasnam '' Ashtamangala Prasanam is Performed to diagnose all good and evil matters challenging your life situation. Ashtamangala Prasnam is widely practised for accurately knowing the probable root cause of potential problems. And to typically prevent the continual troubles or possible calamities that may undoubtedly occur on behalf of a specific individual or a noble family.

Ashtamangala Prasnam is the most sophisticated method for instantly finding out the root cause of the Challenges in eternal life. The ancient Predictive techniques naturally have many possible variations and comparative methods, which are combined together to satisfactorily conclude possible solutions. This complex Finalisation process sufficiently involves complex Analytical interpretation, Holistic analysis and Astro Physics interpretations are traditionally used to scientifically derive the accurate remedial solutions for specific challenges.

Divine law of Karma states that the possible fortune or misfortune of a specific person is the result of direct Karma consequences. Ashtamangala prasnam can undoubtedly help to decode the karmic deeds from the past birth which help to explode the practical reason for considerable sufferings of a specific person.This efficiently helps to adequately explore the potential failure of corrective actions & remedial solutions to guide further using Astama Siddi.