We Help to Get Divine answers to revels the Mysteries

Choli Prasanam is instantly a distinguished technique to divinely reveal answers for your mind choking questions using Cholli.

This Cholli reading helps you to accurately identify the uniqueness of the direct challenge in your life aspects. Chozhi Prasanna divine system was created by Lord Siva and developed by the Rishi for the benefits of humankind. This is one of the Simplest and superior Divine techniques used for Immediate understanding of the Problems. Depending on the Nature of the Problem either 12 or 108 Chozhi are used to derive the answer for the Query.

Choli is differentiated by Male & Female based on appearances. The Grouped Cholis are rolled on the Divine energy table which helps to Indicate the Planetary position. Then the Experts medium uses the Divine Interpretation through the simplest mathematical calculation to drive the answer for the Query raised.Factors to be considered for the interpretation is Cholis Direction, Position, count of each category and Time of Question Raised,

This Simplest methodology can reveal the information of all 3 periods in the souls' journey: Past birth, Present Life and Future. This process can also help shed the light of various aspects of your mind blocking question. The accuracy of the prediction and solutions is close to 85 to 95%.

Choli prasanam Can accurately answer a thousand varieties of questions in a single Process.