Astrology Consultation for Health and Medical Problems

Maharishi Vashistha Divine technique used for a complex phenomenon on Personal health Journey.This practical method undoubtedly helps on complex karmic challenges in multi- dimensional analysis and instantly suggest a feasible solution which cannot be predicted by other techniques.

DImba Chakra is Unique in nature and its one of the Rarest Divine methodology practiced now by very few scholars. Dimba Chakra is performed on the basis of the birth time and horoscope of a person, from the forehead that is considering the Sun as prime planet and by placing some specific stars of specific quantity with some specific parts of the body, and by converting these into Chakra/diagram for interpretation. This Methodology reveals the information about specific karmic effects of the soul.

This divine methodology is recommended to find out when and where the obstacles will come in the life time, how to cross over, what is the karma in this birth, how to handle this karma carefully, what are the responsibilities in this birth.By consulting the astrology regarding any queries you may have, you are taking control of your health and essentially your over-all well being

Dimba Chakra is useful and helps to predict in all angles to solve and set right the problems in his life which cannot be predicted