This is instantly a distinguished technique to divinely reveal answers for your mind choking questions using Cholli for betterment.This Cholli reading helps you to accurately identify the uniqueness of the direct challenge in your life aspects.Specialised for Evil eye,Marriage Compatibility and Profitable investment.

Choli Prasannam

Choli Prasanam is instantly a distinguished technique to divinely reveal answers for your mind choking questions using Cholli.

This Cholli reading helps you to accurately identify the uniqueness of the direct challenge in your life aspects. Chozhi Prasanna divine system was created by Lord Siva and developed by the Rishi for the benefits of humankind. This is one of the Simplest and superior Divine techniques used for Immediate understanding of the Problems. Depending on the Nature of the Problem either 12 or 108 Chozhi are used to derive the answer for the Query.

Choli is differentiated by Male & Female based on appearances. The Grouped Cholis are rolled on the Divine energy table which helps to Indicate the Planetary position. Then the Experts medium uses the Divine Interpretation through the simplest mathematical calculation to drive the answer for the Query raised.Factors to be considered for the interpretation is Cholis Direction, Position, count of each category and Time of Question Raised,

This Simplest methodology can reveal the information of all 3 periods in the souls' journey: Past birth, Present Life and Future. This process can also help shed the light of various aspects of your mind blocking question. The accuracy of the prediction and solutions is close to 85 to 95%.

Choli prasanam Can accurately answer a thousand varieties of questions in a single Process.

Why Should You Take This Reading?

The specialty of chozhi prasanam reading cab help you to drive answer your Mind Pressing question

  • Possible reason for Marriage Delay and Time for successful marriage
  • Possible solutions life challenges & Obstacles
  • Suggestive treatment for Health Misalignment
  • Decision Making considering Favorable time
  • Suitable methods to get relief from debits

Our Lineage

In the early 13th Century, our beloved Rishi Sivaprakasham, attained enlightenment, near Trichy, Tamil Nādu, India. Before leaving his human form, he passed on his teachings, spiritual practices and even today, is our divine guide.

Our roots are deep into Sidhars agama shastra. Each member of Tirikala has been precising our beloved Rishi’s teachings for at least 15 years and some for the last 45 years. Our Specialization practice is further extended through various ancient traditional Concepts which help to Unlock the natural Karma pattern and man made energy enforcement with Simple and Effective methodologies.

All of our spiritual experts are trained and experienced with various spiritual Practices like agama shastra including Kerala Traditional Process ,Vedic, mantra , Adarvana tanta and Yagnam. With these Spiritual practices they have been helping lakhs of souls to overcome their Karma occurrence created by Man Made impact through Negative energies and occult science.

Consulting Methodology

Promptly take advantage instantly of a distinguished technique to divinely reveal answers for your mind choking questions . We have uniquely identified the crucial steps of this complex process, sequenced its essential components to traditionally make this needed service available to the global community.

Key Components of Choli Prasannam traditionally depend on divine nature which requires open state mind with set of your questions

  • Choose a time slot.
  • Be Prepared with a Set of Question
  • Accept the Invitation Process
  • Participate (Online) during Vishnu Maya
  • Revels answer from your specific question

The real-time interaction in the Choli Prasannam Prasnam will undoubtedly help you gain a new and fresh perspective to eternal life.

Book Your Online Choli Prasnam Reading

Tirikala had thoroughly developed a Choli Prasanam online consulting process with simplified steps.

If you would like to have a guidance , then all you need to do is this:

Schedule Time

Schedule Time Slot.

Follow Pious Behavior.

Participate in Reading

Consult Online with Choli Reader.

Get Clarified with your Open Questions.

Lead a Better Life

Work Towards Karmic Resolution.

Perform Suggestive Measure (if any).

Frequently Asked clarification

Are there any Dos and Don’ts in Choli Prasannam reading?
Does this reading result in shifting my thought patterns or focus in life?

Yes Absolutely, This reading helps you to unlock the root cause for the Patterns of suffering.

Are there remedies and should they be done for the rest of my life or for a specified time? What if I don’t apply the remedies?

The Remedies are Suggested based on your Karma influence in your life. Generally Remedies are unique and for the Particular challenges. Performing Remedies is of your choice.

Is an Online Reading or Healing Session as effective as an in person session?

ABSOLUTELY! Energy has no boundaries of time and space. The Angels & Guides can see ALL, anywhere, at any time. Even if you are across the world it makes no difference, it does not affect the reading or its accuracy.

How do I schedule a Online reading?

Tirikala had made a simple 3 steps process for Online consulting. Book an appointment with your comfortable time and our Representative will get in touch with you.