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ガナパシー ホーマム

Embrace New Beginnings

ガナパティ ホーマムで新たな始まりを受け入れましょう

ガネーシャ神は知恵、知性、繁栄の化身です。ガナパティ ホーマムは、新しい冒険や取り組みを開始する前に、ガネーシャ神の神聖な臨在を呼び起こし、神の祝福を求めるために行われます。ガネーシャ神の恵みは障害を取り除き、成功をもたらし、人生のあらゆる面で幸運をもたらすと信じられています。

ガナパティ ホーマムは、障害を取り除き、成功と知恵の前兆であるガネーシャ神に捧げられた尊敬されるカルマの儀式です。この縁起の良い儀式は、ガネーシャ神の祝福を呼び起こし、努力がスムーズに完了し、障害が取り除かれ、幸運が達成されるように神の介入を求めます。

ガナパティ ホーマムに参加することで、神の祝福、知的明晰さ、そして人生の旅における障害の除去を体験することができます。

Frequently Asking Question

このホーマムを実行すると、カルマ行為を行う前に彼の祝福を求め、成功を達成するのに役立ちます。ガナパティ ホーマム/ハヴァンが行われます。

  • 幸福、健康、繁栄を確実に達成するのに役立ちます。
  • 人生の課題、障害、ハードルを克服するのに役立ちます。
  • 占星術のマイナスの凶影響「ケトゥ ダサ」または「ブクス」を軽減するのに役立ちます。
  • 努力、学業、事業の成功を助ける


縁起の良い場所: 宗教的な集会が開催される寺院、家庭、オフィス、公共の場所

縁起の良い時間 : ブラフマー・ムフルサム時間 日の出前の午前4時30分から6時

縁起の良い日 : 一週間の終日、チャトゥルティデー

We (Tirikala) Provide you an Interactive Experience to Participate virtually in the Homam puja which is broadcast through high-quality video streaming.

Our guruji's will perform the Homam on your behalf at the scheduled date and time. You can join the live-streamed session and actively participate in the rituals by following the priest's instructions and offering your prayers from your own location without any additional cost.

Blessings : Overcome Obstacles with Ganapathy Homam: The Path to Success Invoke the Blessings of Lord Ganesha for Success, Wisdom, and Removal of Obstacles with the Ganapathi Homam.

Prasadam: After the homam is concluded, you will receive the divine blessings and prasadam (sacred offering) via mail or courier, ensuring that you continue to experience the positive vibrations and energy in your life.

Ganapathy Homam - Our Ritual Practice

Tirikala's Online Homam (Fire Rituals) services is your Authentic gateway to experience the ancient rituals to receive divine blessings from the comfort of your own home. We bring the sacredness and power of Ganesha Homam energy directly to you through our virtual platform, allowing you to participate in these transformative ceremonies regardless of your geographical location. Whether you seek spiritual growth, healing, or the fulfillment of specific intentions, our online homam (Fire Rituals) services offer you a direct connection to the divine.

Our Guruji's meticulously practice this prescribed Agamic rituals to ensure that Ganapathy Homam is conducted with utmost devotion, precision, and purity. This Scared Fire Lab rituals is performed through Pattern behaviors which helps to bind with universal energy through the Medium of sound and light generated from this rituals. This generated Pattern energy will helps to ensure maximum effectiveness and desired outcome with divine blessings, intellectual clarity, and remove obstacles in your life's.

Our Ganapathy Homam is a meticulously crafted ritual that involves the following key Practices:

Prasannam Puja

Punyaha Vachanam

Ganapathi Puja

Maha Sankalpam

Kalasa Puja

Homam Mantra Avarthi

Mangala Deep Arathi


Abhisekam (Hydration)*

Deepa Arathi to Divine

NavaGragha Shanti

Food Donation


About US

Our roots are deep into Sidhars way of Living. In the early 13th Century, our beloved Rishi Sivaprakasham, attained enlightenment, Near Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. Before leaving his human form, he passed on his teachings, spiritual practices and even today, he is our divine guide.

Each member of Tirikala has been practicing our beloved Rishi teachings for at least 15 years and some for the last 45 years.


We Follows a unique system based on individual karma and its relevant remedial solution. Our spiritual experts are trained and experienced with various spiritual Practices in Nigama and Agama shastra in the combination of Parasuramakalpa Sutram, Tantra Samuchayam and Padhati.

Our Specialization practice is further extended through various ancient traditional Concepts which help to Unlock the natural Karma pattern and man made energy enforcement through Simple and Effective remedial methodologies.

Our Facility

We Tirikala perform rituals, special pooja and other ceremonies in our dedicated temple and having a strong network Presence in various remedial temples and energy spot to perform Hazzle free authentic rituals.In addition to that our Facility is equipped with Fire kundam /Fire Spot ,Yaga Kundam and spiritual Herbs to Perform all kind of Homam Rituals.


Remove hindrances through the power of Ganapath Homam

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