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We help to Get Divine Answers to revels the Mysteries

Tambulam Prasanam is the Base for all astrological Solution. Betal leaf Astrology which can help to Predict the Matter of uncertainty in Life such as Lost items, Missing persons, Finding family roots such as Family god, ancestry problem and its Malefic effect (Dosham) etc

On Spot divine channel reading can brings a divine perspective which help to fix the challenges by finding and analysing the rootcause and its Specifc remedial Solution. Base for all astrological Solution Includes Betel leaf astrology, Royal astrology and Hoary Astrology.Thambula Astrology Is a one of the Most Powerful Prediction Methodology used by the enlightened Person to obtain answer for the Mystery.

Tambula / Thambula /Thamboola Prediction is combination of betel leaf and prasna (query /Questions). This astrology Prediction is through intricate divination channel which reveals the cosmic energies surrounding once present situation with is expressed through betel leaves and the expressed queries /Question.

External actions of an individual are purely based on his or her karma which drive the thoughts and its resulted with once. Every action is a hint shared to the disciple. Though it seems to be apparently disconnected pieces of information. the Disciple can interpret with their own divine knowledge which helps us with a solution to our challenges

Key indications of once present challenges and solution is calculated through

  • Betel leaves - Nature, Quality and Quantity
  • Time of queries/questioning
  • Time of lighting up lamp

The specialty of Thamabulam Astrology Reading is that Thamabulam Astrology prediction can help to Predict the Matter of uncertainty in once Life such as

  • Ancestor Curse
  • Family Sin
  • Lost items
  • Missing persons
  • Family Roots
  • Family Disputes
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Property Disputes


On Spot divine channel reading can brings a divine perspective which help to fix the challenges by finding and analyzing the root cause and its Specific remedial Solution. The rituals recommended in once Thambula Astrology prediction will mostly be performed at exclusive temples with priests who specialize in remedial methodologies that are rare and unique.


  • Help to identify the favorable time window to improvises the concern area of life.
  • Help to decode the Good and bad times to speed up once Progress.
  • Help with revels the information of future which Heps to save time, energy and money.
  • Helps eliminate the unwanted suffering and improve the relationships.

About The Disciple  

Our Guruji has gained the experience with his regresses training from various guruji across different part of India for almost 15 years. he has been helping people through his predictions which helps to solve all uncertainty in life for the past 25 years. His knowledge and exposure in this Field has gain a good reputation. His predictions and guidance are accurate till now which has helped many people to lead to betterment in their life.

Consulting Procedure: 

  • Step 1: Write up the Question to Ask
  • Step 2: Choose a Betel Leaf number from a given selection
  • Step 3: Randomly select the betel leaves corresponding to the 12 Zodiac Signs
  • Step 4: Select a body part from the options provided
  • Step 5: Choose the type of oil, the number of wicks and the size and color of the flame.
  • Step 6: Perform the remedies suggested in the Reading

Online Process : 

Tirikala is happy to present ‘Online Nadi Prasanam Reading’ Book an appointment ->> Pay Online ->> Prediction ->> Remedial Solutions

Offline Process:  

Tirikala is happy to Offer “Offline Nadi Prasanam Reading” Consult ->> Book an appointment ->> Pay Online ->> Prediction

USD: 10

INR: 499