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Handwritten Yantra

Tirikala’s Handwritten yantra's are unique and energized based on Individual Karma.Our Yantra has an exceptional ability to accurately observe specific frequency cosmic energy and typically transmit the vibrate sympathetically into our dynamic environment without any potential loss.

Our Energized yantra can as an effective tool to protect you from Evil effects of planets, Spirits,adversaries and to make a way towards betterment and to fulfill desire and ambitions.

Unique Karmic Yantra | Authentic Energized Process | Handwritten

Vazhaithandu kudineer to remove Kidney stone and UTI

Banana stem

Revive and Rejuvenate with Banana Stem Juice.

Tirikala’s Banana stem Juice is a “divine preparation”.This Plantation water is infused with traditional formulation to support an active and healthy lifestyle. Bananas are rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants that can assist in weight loss and also promote healthy kidney functions.

Our Unique natural Prepared Plantation water has various benefits to support an active and healthy lifestyle by flushing out toxins and maintains kidney health.

100% Natural I Chemical Free I No Preservative.

Herbal dhoop powder Online

Dhoop Powders

Tirikala - 108 Herbal Dhoop powder are natural blend herbs of high quality used to create a spiritually conducive environment . Tirikala’s 108 Herbal Dhoop powder is one the rare kind containing Herbs, Dry Plants, Leaf, seed, dried flowers, Roots, Fruits, Bark, Gum, Seeds, Herbal Oil Natural Extracts of total 108 products.

The easy-to- burn dhoop powder is placed on burned charcoal embers and its fumes are offered to deities in puja and religious rituals aimed at creating a divine atmosphere.

100 % Herbal | No Artificial ingredients I Pleasant Fragrance

Valampuri Sangu Original from Rameshwaram

Valampuri Sangu

Tirikala’s Valampuri Sangu or Conch shell or Dakshinavarti Shankh is very auspicious because of its rare reverse-turning spiral appearances. Our Authentic Valampuri Sangu has an exceptional ability to magnify the frequency of cosmic energy which helps to overpower the evil forces.

Our Certified Valampuri Sangu will undergo various Curse nullified and energizing Pooja which helps to Bring in Prosperity, attract wealth, Luck and a healthy Positive vibe in your Environments.

100% Natural Shells | Certified Defect Free | Curse Nullified