Astrological Remedies for Mental Illness

Astrological Remedies for Mental Illness

The concept of karma in astrology suggests that mental disorders may be influenced by the positions of specific karmic planets in an individual's horoscope. Among these, the Moon, Mercury, and Sun are considered key factors in determining mental health:

Sun (Soul):

  1. The Sun represents the soul or higher self in Karmic action astrology.
  2. While not directly associated with mental disorders, its influence is considered vital for overall well-being and self-expression.
  3. A well-placed and strong Sun is believed to contribute to mental stability

The influence of the Sun in astrology is diverse, and its influence is often interpreted based on various elements of a karmic birth of a person based consequences of past-life actions. Aligned with the divine insights of Siddhas, we present astrological remedies to clear personal karma and overcome Mental illness and disorders.

The recommended remedies, formulated through 20 years of dedicated astrological research, are derived from various nadi astrological scriptures and Indian palm leaf readings. These remedies have consistently produced desired results for the soul.

Various astrological methods exist for karmic reconciliation, and among the most effective are those associated with ancient temples. Our Ancestor have designed these temples as energy centers, meticulously crafting them to meet the unique energy needs of each individual. Our goal is to introduce these temples as energy points, providing karmic balancing solutions to overcome the harmful effects of the Sun and address any mental or mind weakness associated with its presence 

Temple Prayers

Infused with karmic wisdom, these Sun remedial puja prayers for astrological remedies introduce concise tradational rituals to synchronize energies and alleviate karmic Sun planetary influences. Aimed at fostering balance and remarkable transformation, these remedial prayers serve as accessible spiritual solutions for karmic astrological challenges. Our research has guided the formulation of specific options outlined below.

Temple Details:

Temple Name            :   Arulmigu Arunachaleswarar Temple

Temple Location       :    Tiruvannamalai

Prayer God                :   Annamalaiyar 

Prayer Goddess        :   Unnamalai Amman

For an in-person visit, partake in the sacred Archana using Indian rosebay flowers and make an offering of food or Milk rice in Full moon day on full moon days (Purnami) will help to overcome mind disorder or illness. This revered astrological remedy is believed to be effective in overcoming all mind releated Challenges

Alternate Remedial Puja at Home:

For individuals unable to visit the temple, conduct a Remedial Puja at home. The outcomes may vary based on individual karmic needs. Follow these steps:

  • Preparation:  Cleanse yourself physically and mentally. Gather necessary puja rituals offering such as Indian rosebay flowers , Milk rice, incense and a lamp.
  • Invocation (Avahana): Invite the God annamalaiyar to your sacred space, often done by chanting mantras or prayers.
  • Offerings (Upachara): Utilize Indian rosebay flowers , Milk rice, and incense as offerings to the God Annamalaiyar and Goddess Unnamalai Amman
  • Prayers and Mantras: Recite prayers, hymns, and mantras dedicated to God Annamalaiyar to establish a Divine communication.
  • Prayer Time: Every Month Full Moon day
  • Prayer Request: Engage in meditation to deepen your prayer connection with divine, seeking protection against karmic Malefic influences.
  • Aarti: Perform the aarti ceremony, waving a lit lamp in front of the God Annamalaiyar and Goddess Unnamalai Amman.
  • Prasad Donations: Donate Milk rice as Prasad to the people after your puja completion

Regularly engaging in the Remedial Puja with sincere prayer requests is designed to mitigate the unfavorable karmic influence releated to Mind challenges and Mental disorders

Note: The effectiveness of these Remedial Puja may vary, Please consult with a knowledgeable karmic astrologer or spiritual guide for personalized guidance is recommended. This home-based puja is a way to engage in spiritual practices and seek positive energy in the comfort of your own space.


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