Scientific Analysis on Nadi Astrology

Scientific Analysis on Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology is a form of ancient Indian astrology that relies on palm leaf manuscripts to predict individuals' destinies. It's believed that these manuscripts were written by sages thousands of years ago and contain detailed information about individuals' lives, including past, present, and future events. The scientific analysis of Nadi astrology involves exploring its mathematical principles, historical context, and cultural significance to understand its validity and applications in modern time.

Nadi Astrology, an ancient science, holds profound insights into human life and destiny. In the following articles, we aim to shed light on Dr. J.P.'s analysis, combining his expertise with our understanding of this ancient knowledge

Nadi Astrology," a feature in the "Heart" biweekly magazine of 1992 edited by M. Thurairaj in Malaysia, highlighted the expertise of energetic experts known as "Tirikala sages" in tracing past, present, and future events. These sages, some of whom became Rishis and Siddhas, possessed a special vision called Gnanathrishti, allowing them to perceive events continually. They compiled rules of astrology, linking them to events, in a science known as "Nadi Shastra" or "Magazine Viewing," where texts were written as songs on palm leaf manuscripts. The ancient texts contained predictions about specific individuals, including details about their name, parents, appearance, and life events.

Notable Nadi scriptures in Tamil Nadu include "Kagabhusunder Nadi," "Kelasika Nadi," "Saptarishi Nadi," and "Agathiyar Nadi," with the latter also available at the Vaitheeswaran Temple. While the "Brigu Samhita" is popular in the North, thousands of Nadi astrological books are scattered in Tamil Nadu, although many have become extinct.

The article mentions a book titled "Kerala Mani Kanda Jothidam" and suggests exploring the ancient Tamil texts called "Kanakuathiraram," which contain mathematical rules and theories presented as songs, including methods for calculating the number of spikes in a fruit based on the thorns around its stalk.

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