Scientific Analysis on Nadi Astrology - Indian Palm Leaf - Part  2

Scientific Analysis on Nadi Astrology - Indian Palm Leaf - Part 2

Part 2 - Scientific Analysis on Indian Palm Leaf  Nadi Astrology

The number of holes in a fruit corresponds to the number of thorns around its stalk divided by the number multiplied by the energy of the fruit. This raises a question: Did the thorns appear because of the holes, or were the holes formed based on the number of thorns? Similarly, do events in the world occur due to the positions of planets in the sky, or do the planets move in response to these events??

Does matter arise from reason, or do causal causes preexist it? In the Mahabharata, the death of Duryodhana from a stab wound to his left thigh is multifaceted. Panchali's vow, Bhima's curse, the sages' curse, and Gandhari's failed defense attempt are all interconnected causes. They influence the course of events, converging at the right moment to manifest their energy and shape outcomes.

Duryodhana's demise is a crucial event in the Mahabharata; it was destined to occur, unavoidable by any means.

There's no alternative scenario. If we acknowledge that "his death was bound to happen, and thus the causes emerged," we can observe that the sequence of events unfolds beforehand and the reasons follow. Was it the wind that caused the flag to wave? Or was it fatal when the wind blew? A century ago in Chuang Chu Nakaul, China, during a Zen Buddhist gathering, the flag hanging there waved, prompting skepticism among the witness monk.

This led to controversy and a large demonstration. In this universe, there exists an order, a set of rules, known as the "Cosmic Order." Chaos only arises when this order is disrupted. The structure of chronology is peculiar, with many of its mysteries documented in our ancient scriptures.

While some scholars delve into these depths, few are acquainted with the techniques found in our scriptures. Progress in this field may largely depend on Indian involvement, with contemporary scholars or sages contributing significantly. The underlying purpose behind these pursuits remains a prevailing question among us.

to be continued ....


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