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Best online Shiva Nadi Astrologer near me

Maha Shiva Vakkiyar - Palm Leaf Lets

What Makes MahaShiva Vakkiyar Nadi reading Special?

Maha Shiva Vakkiyar, a revered sage believed to have lived in the 7th century CE, is renowned for his metaphysical theories and astrological foresight. Through our extensive Palm Leaf Research, we have identified MahaShiva Vakkiyar's Nadi leaflets as commonly available within Nadi astrology. His astrological revelations, presented in the context of a conversation between Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, unveil the cosmic principles of creation and re-creation.

The practice of MahaShiva Vakkiyar Nadi Astrology, serving as a divine predictive methodology, reveals the profound mysteries of life. Maha Shiva Vakkiyar Maharishi has articulated karmic predictions in a single hymn spanning an average of 750 days, demonstrating remarkable depth and precision of prediction.

These Nadi astrology readings delve into the soul's journey through the four yugas, encompassing various aspects such as parenthood, marriage, relationships, health, and more.

Maha Shiva Nadi Astrology Prediction Package

Tirikala provides the ease of Maha Shiva Vakkiyar Siddhar Palm leaf readings, enabling you to delve into the enigmas of your life and uncover the intricacies of your existence. Our online Nadi reading packages offer solutions to present challenges, all within the convenience of your personal space

Tirikala's Maha shiva Vakkiyar Siddhar Essential Prediction Packages offer a thorough exploration of critical life aspects, with tailored readings addressing current challenges for valuable insights and guidance

  • Unlock Pending Karma
  • Understand Marriage Compatibility
  • Dealing Family Relationships

Shiva Nadi Astrology ~ Prediction Packages Details

Unlock Pending Karma

Nadi Prediction delves into an individual's past-life karma, providing guidance for purification and paving the way to a happier life. Extracted from five or more chapters, these insights offer valuable information.

  • Insight on Past Birth karma
  • Karma Influence in Current life
  • Every 3 year once Life Prediction
  • Financial Stability Forecast
  • Career or Profession Prediction
  • Wealth Forecast
  • Temple Pilgrims remedy
  • God / Goddess Prayers remedy
  • Self-Karma healing Practice
  • Various Numerology Details
Life Partner Prediction

This comprehensive Nadi Prediction package explores the influence of past-life karma on your marital union, offering divine insights and personalized guidance on marriage-related matters.

  • Reason for Marriage Delay
  • Insight on Marriage challenges
  • Detaling Future spouse
  • Detaling Spouse Family
  • Character Analysis
  • Life style Compatibility Analysis
  • Marriage Compatibility Analysis
  • Every 2 year Life Events Prediction
  • Mantra for quicker marriage
  • Marriage Remedies Prayers
Family and Relationships

This Essential Nadi Prediction package explores the influence of karma on your family relationships, offering sacred insights and personalized guidance to navigate relationship-related matters.

  • Insight Relationship challenges
  • Past Birth Karma influences
  • Emotional compatibility Analysis
  • Every 3 year Life Events Prediction
  • Identify Negative Influences
  • Relationship Compatibility
  • Character compatibility Analysis
  • Emotional Stabality Analysis
  • Lucky Aspects Number & Colour
  • God/Goddess Prayer Rituals

Need an Insight with Your Past, Present, and Future ?

Our Karma Clinic

The Karma Clinic at Tirikala provides unique consultations focused on understanding and balancing your karma through various spiritual practices. With divine blessings from Siddhar Siva Prakasham Ayya, our experts integrate the karma revealed in your Nadi reading with cosmic energy and spirituality. This specific consultation offers insights rooted in karma principles, along with tailored remedies for your specific karmic challenges

In the pursuit of insight into karma, our experts guide you on mitigating the effects of past karma, providing profound insights into your life path. They also suggest remedies aimed at fostering a more harmonious and balanced life. These services are founded on the belief that understanding and addressing one's karma can lead to both personal and spiritual growth.

Authentic Leaf and Uniqueness

Our Nadi readers at Tirikala belong to a blessed lineage, inheriting the ancient art through generations within the same clan at the Center of Nadi Astrology Institute in Vaitheeswaran Kovil, India.

With an average of 35 or more years of experience, each member of Tirikala specializes in practicing Nadi astrology reading in different versions of Nadi forms, including Kanda Nadi, Jeeva Nadi, and Prasana Nadi.

Our dedicated team is actively engaged in researching various Nadi palm leaves, exposing ourselves to different versions of Nadi astrology. This commitment enhances our readers' ability to authenticate the originality of Nadi palm leaves and further refines their Nadi decoding capabilities.