Best for Spiritual growth and Health Misalignment

Tirikala’s sacred Unique Divine scripture is practised only by the Disciple of Our Sivaprakasam Ayya through Prashana Marga.

Kandar is popularly known as God Karthikeyan,who is the Son of Lord Shiva.His notable Collective work for humankind is legitimately considered as Kandar Nadi.The sacred verse/Hymn in his Nadi scriptures are intellectually Vibrant and Dynamic which can be observed merely by his blessed disciple.In which notable one among them is undoubtedly our Guruji.

Kanda Grace can generously help to properly nourish your soul journey with Instant Answers. This sacred scripture will carefully serve the Blessed person to adequately get a direct interlinkage between their mortal soul journey and its karma consequences through cosmic energy.

This Divine instantly reading and its practical solutions can undoubtedly help you with a deeper insight on Spiritual growth and its Development, Specific Persisting health issues and its personalized Suggestive Effective medicine, possible Preferential treatment for drastic Health improvement.

This divine guidance can accurately assist you with a near-term time period of one typical year.