Brahma Hatya Dosha

Brahmahatya is regarded as a grave affliction. It is said that the person who committed this sin will have to face severe consequences and that these need not only be confined to a single birth but may extend even to the ones that may follow. 

Here, the word ‘Brahma’ is generally believed to denote the sacred Divine Person who attain Highest level of divine Knowledge and ‘Hatya’ means killing. Hence, it is normally held that this Dosha, the affliction is incurred due to the killing of a Brahmin. However, there are scriptures that claim that Brahmahatya will incur due to any manslaughter or even by committing many other transgressions.

Kamric Sins capable of causing Brahmahatya

The seven crimes that may lead to the deadly sin of Brahmahatya can be – 

  1. Slaughtering of a human being or causing physical or mental harm or pain,
  2. Coveting other person’s wife or property
  3. Willful destruction of other’s belongings and poisoning
  4. Neglecting parents and ignoring ancestral worship
  5. Hurting noble men who are doing selfless service
  6. Stopping timely help from reaching people who are in dire need
  7. Dissrespecting teachers, elders and Vedic scholars.

It is believed that such actions done in previous births by the individual or by his ancestors, may result in this lethal sin.

Brahmahatya in Legends

There are references in legends to the incarnations of the Supreme Gods Shiva and Vishnu themselves getting afflicted by this Dosha. While Lord Bhairava, the ferocious aspect of Shiva incurred this curse when he separated Lord Brahma’s 5th head, Vishnu’s Avatar of Lord Rama got affected as he slayed demon Ravana, who was an ardent devotees of Shiva.

Its Deadly Effects

The ramifications of Brahmahatya Dosha can be wide-ranging, serious and crippling, and may include chronic diseases, mental illness, fear, stress and lack of confidence, loss of employment and lack of career progression, all round impediments and failures, financial strains, restlessness and tension, discontent and sorrow, and marital disharmony and separations.

Remedies for Brahmahatya Dosha

Nadi Astrology has passed on some powerful remedies for the Dosha, the performance of which can invoke divine blessings and help a person to overcome its effects and lead a life of prosperity, progression and peace. 

The remedial will vary from person Karma, Based on Nadi Palm Leaf Scripture rishis has  Suggested some remedial solution includes  worship will include Archana, the light and sound ceremony, Abishekam - The hydration ceremony, Homam - the fire lab, special poojas and rituals, and cow feeding.

But the Karma influence Various Person to Person 

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