Best Online Agastya Nadi astrologer near Me

Best Online Agastya Nadi astrology near Me

Agastya Nadi Astrology - Palm Leaf-Lets

What Makes Maharishi Agastya Nadi Astrology Special?

Maharishi Agastya Nadi Astrology, rooted in ancient palm leaf manuscripts, holds profound divine significance. Through thorough research, we've confirmed Agastya's leaflets as among the oldest in existence. This unique form of Agastya Nadi astrology imparts insights from Agastya Rishi's guru, Lord Nandi, focusing on the Law of Karma and the universal pattern of incarnations.

Agastya's remarkable dedication is evident as he encapsulated an average of 900 days (approximately 2.5 years) of information in a single hymn. This intricate approach provides a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected threads of past, present, and future in the grand tapestry of life, elevating its significance to a divine level.

This predictive methodology delves into life's mysteries, addressing past births, present existence, and future predictions. Enlightened Agastya Maharishi penned these insights between 550 and 300 BC, covering various facets of human life, including business, education, property, children, marriage, and health alignments.

Agastya Nadi Astrology Prediction Package

Tirikala delivers Agasthya Siddhar Palm leaf-let readings to your doorstep, unveiling life's mysteries and offering solutions to current challenges through our online Nadi reading packages

Tirikala meticulously crafted the Essential Prediction Package to glimpse into crucial life aspects, addressing current karmic challenges and providing valuable insights and guidance

  • Unlock Soul Karma
  • Explore your Spiritual evolution
  • Insight on your Wellness karma

Agastya Nadi Astrology ~ Prediction Packages Details

Unlock Past Birth Karma

This Nadi Prediction explores an individual's past-life karma, offering guidance for cleansing and leading to a happier life. The insights are derived from Five or more chapters, presenting valuable information.

  • Understand Past Birth karma
  • Karma Influence in Current life
  • Remedies to Reduce Karma (R)
  • Every 5 year Life Events Prediction
  • Major Life events Predcition
  • Health & Finance Predcition
  • Gemstone for betterment (s)
  • Unique Mantra for betterment (s)
  • Lucky Aspects – Number & Colour
  • God / Goddess Prayer Method
  • Temple pilgrimage remedy
A path to Spiritual Advancement

This Nadi Prediction delves into past-life karma, offering guidance for cleansing and the path to spiritual development. Valuable insights from eight Nadi chapters provide information through Gnana Kandam.

  • Understand Past birth Karma
  • Evolution on Spiritual Journey 
  • Reason for Re-Incarnation 
  • identify Spiritual guru
  • Unique Mantra for Enlightenment
  • Route map for Spiritual Journey
  • Suitable Meditation Practice
  • Meditation Place and Time.
  • Spiritual Practice to follow
  • Lucky Aspects – Number & Colour
  • Suitable Products for Spirituality
Insight on Health and Wellness

The Nadi package explores the impact of past-life karma on health, offering guidance for cleansing through Aushadha Kandam, which includes remedies and life predictions.

  • Understand Past Birth Karma
  • Insight on Health Challeneges
  • Root Causes for Physical illness
  • Every 5 year Life Events Prediction
  • Disease and Cure Prediction
  • Suitable Treatment Methods
  • Suggestive Alternative Medicine
  • Food and Diet Planning
  • Unique Healing Mantra
  • Suggestive Temple Pilgrimage
  • God /Goddess Puja Prayers
Our Karma Clinic

The Karma Clinic at Tirikala provides unique consultations focused on understanding and balancing your karma through various spiritual practices. With divine blessings from Siddhar Siva Prakasham Ayya, our experts integrate the karma revealed in your Nadi reading with cosmic energy and spirituality. This specific consultation offers insights rooted in karma principles, along with tailored remedies for your specific karmic challenges

In the pursuit of insight into karma, our experts guide you on mitigating the effects of past karma, providing profound insights into your life path. They also suggest remedies aimed at fostering a more harmonious and balanced life. These services are founded on the belief that understanding and addressing one's karma can lead to both personal and spiritual growth.

Authentic Leaf and Uniqueness

Our Nadi readers at Tirikala belong to a blessed lineage, inheriting the ancient art through generations within the same clan at the Center of Nadi Astrology Institute in Vaitheeswaran Kovil, India.

With an average of 35 or more years of experience, each member of Tirikala specializes in practicing Nadi astrology reading in different versions of Nadi forms, including Kanda Nadi, Jeeva Nadi, and Prasana Nadi.

Our dedicated team is actively engaged in researching various Nadi palm leaves, exposing ourselves to different versions of Nadi astrology. This commitment enhances our readers' ability to authenticate the originality of Nadi palm leaves and further refines their Nadi decoding capabilities.