This is uniquely an ancient technique Performed to diagnose all good and evil challenge. This efficiently helps to adequately explore the potential failure of corrective actions & remedial solutions to guide further using Astama Siddi. Specialized with ancestors curse, Progeny Delay and Genetic Disorders


Ancient Practice helps to accurately ascertain the unknown cause of unwelcome situations.

Tirikala is happy to traditionally present " Ashtamangala Prasnam '' Ashtamangala Prasanam is Performed to diagnose all good and evil matters challenging your life situation. Ashtamangala Prasnam is widely practised for accurately knowing the probable root cause of potential problems. And to typically prevent the continual troubles or possible calamities that may undoubtedly occur on behalf of a specific individual or a noble family.

Ashtamangala Prasnam is the most sophisticated method for instantly finding out the root cause of the Challenges in eternal life. The ancient Predictive techniques naturally have many possible variations and comparative methods, which are combined together to satisfactorily conclude possible solutions. This complex Finalisation process sufficiently involves complex Analytical interpretation, Holistic analysis and Astro Physics interpretations are traditionally used to scientifically derive the accurate remedial solutions for specific challenges.

Divine law of Karma states that the possible fortune or misfortune of a specific person is the result of direct Karma consequences. Ashtamangala prasnam can undoubtedly help to decode the karmic deeds from the past birth which help to explode the practical reason for considerable sufferings of a specific person.This efficiently helps to adequately explore the potential failure of corrective actions & remedial solutions to guide further using Astama Siddi.

Why Should You Take This Reading?

The specialty of Ashtamangala Prasnam reading cab help to share the Complete Diagnosis report about family Register and rituals to be performed

  • Accurately identify Kula Devata.
  • Curses through noble ancestors.
  • Pitru Sabha ​for Progeny Delay.
  • uniquely identify genetic health Disorder.
  • Carefully remove Wealth Blockages.

Consulting Methodology

Promptly take advantage of this ancient predictive technique. We have uniquely identified the crucial steps of this complex process, sequenced its essential components to traditionally make this needed service available to the global community.

Key Components of Ashtamangala prasnam traditionally depend on divine nature which requires Photo copy, Palm photos of both the hands, Horoscope or birth details.

  • Choose a time slot.
  • Be Prepared with a Set of Question
  • Accept the Invitation Process
  • Participate (Online) during Astamangala Prasna
  • Revels answer from your specific question

The real-time interaction in the asthamangala Prasnam will undoubtedly help you gain a new and fresh perspective to eternal life.

Our lineage

In the early 13th Century, our beloved Rishi Sivaprakasham, attained enlightenment, near Trichy, Tamil Nādu, India. Before leaving his human form, he passed on his teachings, spiritual practices and even today, is our divine guide.

Our roots are deep into Sidhars agama shastra. Each member of Tirikala has been precising our beloved Rishi’s teachings for at least 15 years and some for the last 45 years. Our Specialization practice is further extended through various ancient traditional Concepts which help to Unlock the natural Karma pattern and man made energy enforcement with Simple and Effective methodologies.

All of our spiritual experts are trained and experienced with various spiritual Practices like agama shastra including Kerala Traditional Process ,Vedic, mantra , Adarvana tanta and Yagnam. With these Spiritual practices they have been helping lakhs of souls to overcome their Karma occurrence created by Man Made impact through Negative energies and occult science.

How to Book Your Astamangala Prasanam Reading

Tirikala had thoroughly developed a Astamangala Prasanam online consulting process with simplified steps. If you would like to have a guidance , then all you need to do is this:

Schedule Time

Confirm Schedule with Tirikala .

Recommended to follow Pious Behavior till reading.

Participate in Reading

Participate In Puja

Consult with readers to decode your karmic answer.

Lead a Better Life

Perform Suggestive solution.(If any)

Visit the recommend temple for betterment.

Frequently Asked clarification

Are there any Dos and Don’ts in Ashtamangala Prasnam reading?

There is no such Predefined Process, But It's good if you follow pious behaviour throughout the session.

Does this reading result in shifting my thought patterns or focus in life?

Yes Absolutely, This reading helps you to unlock the root cause for the Patterns of suffering.

Are there remedies and should they be done for the rest of my life or for a specified time? What if I don’t apply the remedies?

The Remedies are Suggested based on your Karma influence in your life. Generally Remedies are unique and for the Particular challenges. Performing Remedies is of your choice.

Is an Online Reading or Healing Session as effective as an in person session?

ABSOLUTELY! Energy has no boundaries of time and space. The Angels & Guides can see ALL, anywhere, at any time. Even if you are across the world it makes no difference, it does not affect the reading or its accuracy.

How do I schedule a Online reading?

Tirikala had made a simple 3 steps process for Online consulting. Book an appointment with your comfortable time and our Representative will get in touch with you.