Step-by-Step Online Nadi Reading Procedure

How to Get Online Nadi Reading

What is a Nadi Reading?

Nadi Astrology reading explores an insight thought about your Soul's journey. This Soul is immortal and has no body, no mind, or no desire. These Souls manifest at various birth. Depending on their karmic deed souls are characterized by the various physical bodies through the act of karmic balancing.

Nadi reading gives you clarity and understanding of the karmic inter-linkage of the soul’s actions from past birth to its reaction at present in your present life. The Reading shares the effective practice methodology to transform residual karma from prior birth.


Tirikala nadi astrology offers its service through its online portal for Nadi astrology - Palm leaf readings and consultations. We have drafted a detailed online process below to put our customers at ease and help them throughout the online steps.This Page shares a piece of knowledge about Tirikala Online's step-by-step Process for a Hassle-free Nadi reading and consultation. Our customer support representative will help you throughout the Nadi session to make you comfortable.

Step 1: Bundle Indexing

Session Duration: One Hour to 3 days (Depending on leaf availability). Session Participant: Tirikala Readers and Support Manager.

Thumbprints are unique for every soul in the universe. The First and Foremost Step before starting Nadi reading is Bundle Indexing. The Thumb impression will be classified based on Nadi Methodology to decode the near Match with the available bundle from the Nadi database. Each bundle will have approximately 50 to 100 palm leaflets with information about the various souls’ travels. This Process Requires the Unique Thumb Print of the Soul which can be shared via digital Images or ink pad Images.

  • Right hand for male and Left-hand impression for female.
From Here the “in-search “of your soul journey starts

Step 2: Live Leaf Mapping

Session Duration: 5 minutes to 2 days. Session Participant: Readers /Translators and Nadi seekers

Each Palm Leaf’s prophecy holds detailed personal information about the Soul. Tirikala Nadi readers will then have an initial consultation with a set of Questions that appears in the palm leaflets to identify your Exact leaf. The Nadi reader starts to read the information which his eye catches on the leaf through the questionnaire forms. Seeker's answer will help the Readers to decide to continue with this next line in the leaf or the Next leaf

These Key elements are not Predefined but may vary from Leaf to leaf. Our Research database suggests that at least Exact leaf matching should involve determining the Seekers name, Parents or spouse, date of birth. One leaf will be of the aspirant, but the process of finding out that leaf is tedious and time-consuming to locate the associated leaf of you.

Step 3: Decode Palm Leaf information

Session Duration: 2 hours to 2 days Session Participant: Readers and Gurujis

This entire process will be completed with support and guidance from Chief Nadi astrologer.

Our Nadi astrology Readers will re-confirm the basic details before decoding the Palm leaf scriptures as as Tirikala Process which helps us to ensure the exact leaflets are decoded from the divine script information. This manuscript are written in Oldest Tamil.

Tirikala Nadi Readers are of the highest integrity and acquire skills from years of rigorous training from Trikala Institute of Nadi astrology. This Skills will help them to decode the Palm leaf from ancient scripture in the form of prosaic Tamil into Understandable Modern day’s Tamil.

Step 4:Online Prediction

Session Duration: one Hours Max. Session Participant: Readers /Translators and Nadi seekers

The Decoded Nadi seeker information will be Placed before Maharishi for Pooja to gather their blessing. This Process will Help to remove barriers and obstacles during Prediction.Our Nadi Reader with /Without the help of a translator will share the Prediction and decoded information through online or Video consult. This Information will vary based on the selection of Individual Packages.On Request, this session audio will be recorded and shared with Nadi Seekers.

we don’t maintain any Digital backup due to privacy and Confidentiality.

Step 5:Online Karmic Consultation

Session Duration: One Hours Max. Session Participant: Karmic Expert and Nadi seekers

This is Unique Process followed only by Tirikala. This session will also be utilized as an Open-ended session where Experts answer any clarification raised by Nadi seekers.

Our Karmic consulting experts will help to decode the Karmic actions and reaction based on your reading. This session will also sheds the light of your reading by Help your to scientifically Maps your karmic reaction in the life. These session will help the Nadi seeker to Proactive handle the Life challenges in different angels for Betterment.

Step 6:Perform Remedies

Session Duration: Depend on Leaf information. Session Participant: Nadi seekers

This Session is Performed only by the Nadi Seekers to Equate their Karmic Balance sheet. These is the Optional Process which can be performed by Nadi seekers upon their wish towards Equating karma.

Our team of Remedial center experts can also help you to perform effective remedial Measures on behalf of you. (Excepts self-prayers)These Remedial solutions may include Fire labs or small Homes, Pooja, and temple visits based on the karma identified.

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