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Nadi Primeval Sounds

Tamil is one of the oldest languages in the world from an ancient script called Brahmi. It is evident from various scriptures that “Tamil” language is born from Damaru of Lord Shiva The Damaru of Lord Shiva produced 5 sounds on either side and with those 5 sounds is basics for Tamil Phonetics. Tamil languages are called diagnostic, with a formal literary form of the language, and a colloquial spoken language.

Tamil Phonetics is well explained in the Literature work of Sollathigaaram and Nannul. This work helps once to understand the words and parts of speech used in Literature works. Tamil Phonetics has essentially 5 Primarily vocal qualities (Sound), each with a long version and a short version. The long version is almost always twice as long as the short version. This variation in vowel qualities makes a difference in meaning.

classical text versions of Tamil vocal qualities emerged with the help of primary sounds from 5 to 51. These Vocal qualities are classified into three types based on which resonating chamber the letters are pronounced. These major classification vocal products are from Surds - Chest tone, Nasals - Nasal Tone , Medicals - Mouth Tone. The Surds and Nasals are grouped based on the source and efforts required to pronounce them. This is the time Period , It is believed that all observation has been recorded in Dried palm leaf and Nadi scripture would also be recorded.

Now this modern Tamil hold around 247 Vocal and it related text. The Challenges Start from here as the Nadi readers need to map classical 51 vocal with the Modern Vocal which holds 247 combinations or 26 of English sounds.

Vocal Origin Tamil Phonetics English Phonetics
Primary அ இ உ ஐ ஒ A E I O U
Constant KA (or) CA (or) GA (or) HA
CHA (or) GHA or SA
TA (or) DA
THA (or) DHA
ர ற RA
ங ஞ ண ந ன NA
ZHA (Pronounced as LA)

Loan Words(Sounds) which is later incorporated in modern Tamil text as, but the Classical Tamil equivalent vocal sounds as below

Loan Phonetics English Phonetics
J Cha
Za Sa
Qa Ku
Wa Va
Qha Ku

Example: 1

Fazil → Paasil

Wang—--> VANG

XIN—---> CIN

The Nadi Palm leaf scripture is a Part of classical Tamil Literature, which should not contain the Text of the loan letters but is matched with the Equal Vocal words.

Example: 2

If Full name of a Person is called as DAVID VARBHONU MILEU in which,

First name -  DAVID,

Father's name  - VARBHONU

Family Name -  MILEU 

The Palm Leaf scripture only convey the First name - David.