Which is better, Vedic astrology, palm reading or Nadi astrology??

Nadi Astrology vs Vedic Astrology vs Western Astrology: Exploring Different Approaches to Astrological Practices

Nadi reading has the power to unlock the pending karma

Nadi astrology Palm Leaf reading can also be said as Thumb print Prediction or Palm leaf reading. Sages have used their Asthama siddhi powers to observe and record the Karmic cycle of souls.This information is etched in palm leaves and preserved in various places.

Nadi Shastra aligned with universal energy -sound and lights wave are the fundamentals of this astrology. We Nadi  reader tell this divine prophecy with the help of ancient & holy inscriptions of palm-leaves. This technique arose from the meditation writings of great sages in India. Yes, in the primeval our sages shared their knowledge for the well-being of mankind.

Nadi is an exceptional work that makes us conscious of the confines of the human sciences. These Nadi Shastra help to analyze karma more precisely. The etymology of Nadi is related to the Term " In-search of". This search begins through the process once a person starts to understand the Universal languages and Prepares himself for a way to self-realization.

Nadi Astrology describes one’s personal life, career, marriage, father, and mother names, etc. The native’s previous birth is also predicted in Nadi reading. The bad deeds of the past life and their effects in the present life are accurately read out from the palm leaves. At the same time, remedies are also explained by the Nadi Astrologers.

A native’s thumb impression reveals his life. Each thumbprint comes under a unique category and the bundle of leaves is further classified based on the thumbprints category. Once a bundle matching to the native’s thumbprint is found, the Nadi reader starts reading the entire script.

Why Nadi Reading is special

In Nadi reading Maharishi used their spiritual powers to store records of the complete life cycle of an individual.

These predictions were recorded for each person. These are for the improvement of society and to look after rectitude. With this information, these sages forecasted the distinctiveness, family account, over and above the professions of countless individuals.

Nadi reading is an exceptional work which makes us become conscious about the confines of human sciences. That immense collection predicting the prospect of all individuals born or hit her to to be born casts a shadow on the accomplishments of all other sciences put collectively. These extrapolation texts also hold a section recommending definite Pilgrimages or prayers, reverence, and charities at shrines, to counterbalance long-ago wrong doings.

What differentiates Nadi Reading from Western Astrology?

The main difference between Nadi reading and Western Astrology is that while Western Astrology is very vague and general, applying to many people at once, the Nadi Palm Leaves only ever apply to one specific person and their life. Not every person has a Nadi Palm Leaf.

The Maharishis’ Prophecies are widely believed to have been received from Lord Shiva himself – and only those chosen to know about the occurrences in their lives before they happen will ever find their personal Palm Leaf. However, if you are looking for your Nadi Palm Leaf right now, it is most likely that you are among these chosen – as it is also said that only a person who has been destined to know his fate will approach the Nadi reader at a “predestined age” and at a “predestined time”.

What differentiates Nadi Reading from vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is based on pure mathematics and man-made calculations.

In this method, a horoscope is structured based on the natives birth date, time, and place. Based on the calculated planetary positions, Vedic astrology is predicted. Even remedies are suggested based on the time and planetary position of the individual. This astrological system purely inclines on the constellation places of the planets and the knowledge of Individuals.

On the Other Hands, Nadi Palm Leaf reading is written from the hands of Sages through their Enlightened Powers, and the truth is inscribed. But one thing you should note is that always prefer renowned Nadi astrology readers to know your perfect predictions. The Remedies are always based on the Karmic action and reaction.

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Nadi Reading is it true?

Yes, absolutely. Because, based on one’s thumbprint, the sacred palm-leave is decoded and read. These Palm Leaf lets are written from the hands of sage, and once should trust the truth is inscribed. But one thing you should note that always prefer renowned Nadi readers to know your perfect predictions.. Hence, belief and trust are highly important before stepping into any kind of Divine Prediction.

From Maharish Agatya Words

It is believed that predictions can only come true when the person is not in the midst of the wrong deeds of previous life. Rishi Agastya has suggested this fact. He for that reason informs about the act of certain counteractive procedures to remove the utmost degree of any such equilibrium of sins. If these cures are performed with absolute participation and devoid of any divergence, he assures the occurrence of the events forecasted by him.