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Thirumoolar-Palm Leaf Nadi Reading

What Makes Thirumoolar Maharishi Nadi Palm Leaf Special?

In our In-depth Palm Leaf Research, we found leaflets of Thirumoolar are one of the rarest nadi Leaf of their Kindlets, Thirumoolar Rishi is an elixir of great Knowledge and the pure essence of Vedas and Scriptures, he has written Nadi Leaf-lets in the Form of teaching through Maharishi Agasthiyar and his Enlighten divine observation of Karma.

The Thirumoolar Maharishi has written his Karmic Prediction on an Average of 300 days (Approx 1 Year) information in a single hymn.

Tirumulars Nadi Astrology talks About - the effects of accumulated actions from past lives and their current Maturation, commonly equated with fate, destiny, its prescriptive aspect relates to actions of present life known by contrast of human effort.  Thirumoolar Maharishi leaf lets will be between 5th to 8th centuries AD.

Unlocking Karma is foremost of all kind of corrective solutions..   

Thirumoolar - Essential Package

Tirikala brings in divine Thirumoolar Palm leaf-lets at your doorstep to unravel the mysteries of your life to understand the carry over karma. Find answer to your current life challenges through our online Nadi reading Packages

Unlock Pending karma

This Nadi package shares an insight information about individuals unique karma and its possible Cleansing to lead a happy life.This reading shares an valuable information from 8+ Chapter

  • Decode karma balance sheet
  • Karmic Reaction in current birth
  • General Life Forecast
  • Major Life events Forecast
  • Gemstone for betterment (S))
  • Relationship challenges
  • Remedial Solution (R)
  • Lifestyle Generic Aspects.
  • Mantra for betterment (S)
Climb The Knowledge Ladder

This Nadi Reading helps to identify the Karmic hindrance behind your child education and to Plan Proactive Measures for their Life. This Essential package covers information from 6+ Nadi chapters.

  • Right stream of education (s)
  • Direction for Future career Prediction
  • Find Karmic reaction for Hindrance
  • Emotional and behavioral response
  • Abroad Study Chance,(any)
  • Mantra and Prayers for Knowledge
  • Karmic reason for challenges (if any)
  • Remedial Solution (R)
  • God and goddess for prayers
Drive Your Spiritual Journey

This Nadi package Reading drives your spirituality process and guides you to enhance your inner Peace. This package also shares information from 7+ Nadi chapters.

  • Karmic Insight and its reactions
  • The reason behind your birth
  • Major Life events Forecast
  • Meditation Practice to follow
  • Route map for Spiritual Journey
  • Mantra for Peace of Mind (S)
  • Spiritual guidance to find gurus (R)
  • Karmic Healing pooja and prayers
  • Lifestyle Lucky aspects.

Karma Clinic

This Session is only Organised by Tirikala through the teaching of our enlightenment guru.Our Karmic consulting expert always recommend Palm Lead Nadi Reading as one of the most authorized tools to decode the gross body karmic metric of the individual.

After  Nadi reading Our Experts will help you to scientifically reveal the various theosophical movements influencing the behavioral sequence of an eventual soul.This influencing sequence are further map in to Mathematical theory by our expertise to explore the feasibility of balanced Karmic act.

Our Experts will further help you with there finding on balancing Mechanism to equate your various cosmic deed representing good and bad according to universal law of karma with a simple, workable and cost effective balancing remedial act for happy living.

Our Uniqueness

Palm Lead Nadi Reading is one of the most Powerful Karmic tools Practice only by Tirikala's experts through the teaching of our enlightenment guru.

Our Karmic consulting experts will help you to scientifically reveal the influencing sequence of various action surround with once's eventual soul. This influencing sequence are further mapped by our expert with their in-depth analysis. This analysis will help you to map the karmic Sequence to various deed representing good and bad action according to universal cosmic law.

The identified karmic deed are further mapped to various curse ,sin and Malefic influences which will help you to equate your Karmic for the Betterment in life.