Why Lemon Garlands are offered during Pujas

Why Lemon Garlands are offered during Pujas

Based on Palm leaf solution , We have request few of our friends to Perform Pooja with lime garland to durgaiamman, kaliamman , kala bhairavar and many gods during  their worst part of the time Periods.

Why Lime ?

Lime has to poke in between the lime but not at the lime eyes (kannu) front and back which is wrong. Lime act as a soldier. It represents as agent to pass you wish to GOD that you offer. When you poke the tandu (up and down) you are poking the lime eyes which you sudah matikan(deactivate) the power of lime. Poke in between the lime it means side by side. When you do this way it is easier for you to tie lime malai (Lemon Garlands).

Based on Various Palm leaf nadi astrological reading , Nadi leaf advise the Jathak to Pray with  28 lime in CHOTHANI KARA BHAGAWATHY AMMAM (she is 32hand bhadarakali) with her temple for 48 days based on her size of  the problem . The standard count of lime various from  9/18/27/54/108 or 1008  Its all deponds on the Position/Size  of their Probelm or jadagam convey as some misfortune can happen.

we highly suggest to perform the Pooja with Lime garland to offer it to durga amman. Here are some life threatened problem  which we can use the above remedial solutions..

  1. Illness or sickness,
  2. Accident fear,
  3. Gandam/Danger Intuation
  4. Black magic, Negative Energy, Spirt etc
  5. Aiyul balan weak. 

Lemon Garlands Pooja Methods

Lime malai can be offer to all amman's, anjenayar, lord subramaniyar, bhairavar based on your nadi solutions.Perform poojao as "

  1. Write your name on the lime or
  2. Make a garland (9/18/27/54/108 or 1008)
  3. Offer it to durga amman. and Pray with her from your heart.

Rather than sitting down and waiting for help to come, you may do all this to come out from your suffering. EFFORT + PRAYERS = SUCCESS

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