Karmic Reading

A karmic reading will offer you love, guidance, support, about how to begin your healing process from the true core of your being.

We would analyse the root cause of your challenges. Some challenges or relationships or real-world manifestations happen not due to your current life Karma but could be stemming from some previous births. We will analyse which birth karma is manifesting today, the real cause of it – is it ancestral curse or could it be to teach you a key lesson or is it some other source of negativity such as black magic, revenge or a particular pattern that you are unable to overcome. Some patterns become strong and complex and to unknot them is not easy. That’s when you may suffer a tornado in your lives to completely let go of that pattern. But we can help you untie the same knot through simpler ways or other means.

We use divine sources, various siddhars based ancient methodology, Prashanam methodology to approach your challenges. What makes us different is we have divine guidance from our Siddhars, and we have more than 30 years of experience in decoding all readings.

about karma

Karma is an account of our past actions (Prarabdh), present doings that shapes our future. Sometimes, we face unresolvable issues; sometimes we do good yet don’t know the reason for our sufferings.

Our Karma dates back to many lives – Sanchita Karma; In many lives, we have repeated similar patterns and now it has become a hard block and it becomes difficult for us to see, recognise or break those patterns. Its trauma will block soul from realizing what is going wrong and this pattern then manifests into restless relationships, sickness, financial troubles or other kinds of psychological distress.

The universe is always trying to balance our Karmas (good and bad) over many lives in order to refine us as human beings and help realise the ultimate goal of human lives. But universe at the same time, every second, gives us a chance to learn, recoup and overcome our karma. Everyone can overcome their situations, sometimes, lucky people have a guru; others reach us. Our experts will help you on the path of self-realisation, which will help you scan your super imposed memory, understand the pattern and handle the current karmic challenges. Karma can be altered, modified or broken!


In the early 13th Century, our beloved Rishi Sivaprakasham, attained enlightenment, near Trichy, Tamil Nādu, India. Before leaving his human form, he passed on his teachings, spiritual practices and even today, is our divine guide.

Each member of Tirikala has been practicing our beloved Rishi’s teachings for at least 15 years and some for last 45 years.