Nadi Palm Leaf-Lets

The principal architect of Nadi Reading is genuinely Unknown to this visible universe. But Palm Leaf Nadi principles are morally bound with various energy theories naturally created by the cosmos.This Cosmos recycling is uniquely identified as undoubtedly having a crucial role in properly recycling the continuous evolution of eternal life in the expanding universe.

The dynamic Philosophical scope of Cosmology & astronomy sufficiently develops modern astrophysics Occurrence that helps our glorious saints to sufficiently develop this Cosmic recycling Models.This Model are further mapped into mathematical rule and Set Theory which is etched in the Palm leaf in the poetic form of sacred songs/Hymns.

One of these Structured Collective Set Theories is accurately classified as Nadi theories. These Divine techniques further hold the profound secrets to the possible future of this expanding universe. The Future efficiently is bound with all theses mythological creatures in the observable universe through the various balancing Equations for considerable improvement.

Palm Leaf :Predictive Techniques 

Divine Science Through Sound and Light

The Palm leaf lets Predictive Techniques acts as a balancing mechanism for Cosmic recycling. The Methodology were developed professionally by Our Sages as a Simple mathematical Set Equations as typically follows.

  • Cause and Effect: Within the possible existence of all sacred things, objects, happenings and deliberate acts of the expanding universe is accurately differentiated into three specific categories – Materialistic, Spiritual and imperfect cluster of key elements. This desired effect is carefully mapped through an intentional act of direct Karmic action and its represented as celestial bodies.
  • Reincarnation : Fundamental law of divine Universal creation is expressed as, after the noble death of mythical creatures their elected Physical bodies and gentle souls will be typically separated.These generous souls are carefully prepared for the continuous Reincarnation process through their unique bio-metric representation.
These Sages, within their in-depth knowledge on Cosmic recycling, equate "The applicable law of reincarnation with possible cause and Effect of Karma through effective balance Mechanism. This eternal Divine truth is precisely Coded with universal forms of Sound and light through sacred Poetic language.

Nadi Leaf:Decoding Procedure

A superior Marvelous technique carefully developed by our Great Siddhas to Prevent Misuse.

The conscious Great Siddhar Uses Bio-metric recognition to identify the biological characteristics of a generous soul. This adequate recognition is further Mapped into their developed Statistical model set equation. This Model inter-link with permutation and combination matrix of various sets of Karmic Behavior created during the cosmic recycling process. This Methodology undoubtedly makes a way to Identify the Exact Information about the Souls Road Maps.

This entire Process is properly Coded in Versus using Sound and etched in the Palm leaf to help the Creatures for betterment. This Higher level divine information is made simple for the Blessed people who realistically are in eternal search of Souls. This simplified Process is classified as.

  • Thumb impression is used for Bio-metric recognition.
  • Bundle indexing - which gently help the reader to Identify the Near Match Palm Leaf lets of a innocent soul
  • Leaf Finding - With Near Match Leaflets use a set of karmic behavior to identify the Exact leaf of a soul.
  • Nadi reading - This uniquely identified Exact leaf of a soul carries the Information about the soul travel with the Possible balancing Action to neutralize the karma for moral betterment,