Gemstone Advice based on Voice of Maharishi

Vastu Shastra is an ancient architecture design which interlink Human and universe. Great sages have developed various techniques about the energy flow structure's, shape, and its orientation which in turn benefits or detrimental to its occupants.

It is a Vastu Shastra is scientific theory based on the principles, flow according to the laws of nature, which allows us to utilize the maximum benefits destined for us. The blockages, challenges, wastage of efforts are caused majorly due to certain unknown Vastu defects in the building.

Why From us

Tirikala providing Online Vastu Consultation across the world, which helps you avail the benefits of scientific Vaastu.

Our team of Best Vastu experts keep total scientific approach and combine all five elements of nature – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether and align them to achieve with personal requirements, creating a harmony to achieve betterment in life.

Our team of highly experienced Vastu consultants are well equipped to provide 100% result oriented online Vastu advise effectively across the globe.

No-frills and no-demolition space and energy balancing techniques of Vaastu shastra along with scientific & logical solutions which help to provide optimum output of their efforts to the clients.