Tirikala - 108 Herbal Dhoop powder are made from the best quality ingredients and aimed at creating a divine atmosphere 108 Herbal Dhoop powder is one the rare kind prepared through the Divine Blessing. The Ingredients are 100% Natural and it is collected from various Places based on the guidance from various scripture. The Ingredients contain Herbs, Dry Plants, Leaf, seed, dried flowers, Roots, Fruits, Bark, Gum, Seeds, Herbal Oil Natural Extracts. of total 108 products. These sacred Products are mixed with Fixed Proportion on the Specific days for its effectiveness. This Dhoop powder fragrance will be long lasting, This Fragrance will create good positive energy across the dynamic enviroment to bring prosperity and good health.

This Dhoop Powder can be used in daily rituals, pooja or in homes for perfuming the house. It is very much used in all types of Yagam (Yagna),Homam, rituals etc. This Dhoop Powder when used ensures excellent aroma, sense of spirituality & Devotion. When used during prayer, meditation or yoga can feel the presence of divine power within/around us.

BENEFITS OF Herbal Dhoop powder

  • Helps to remove Negative energy around your surroundings.
  • Help to overcome Obstacles created through evil and witchcraft
  • Aruma creates a Positive energy to Attract prosperity ,wealth and Health
  • Help to keep away Poisonous Creatures
  • Help to Increase Positive vibes for business

Panchaloha Bracelets

Panchaloha is traditionally described as an alloy of gold, silver, copper, brass, and iron. It is believed that wearing jewellery made of such an alloy brings balance in life, self-confidence, good health, fortune, prosperity, and peace of mind..