The magic of mantras

This Prayer Songs is typically from Saivite Scriptures and composed by four great Tamil Saints of Lord Shiva and written by himself. This Prayer is composed by Nalvars, with a psychosomatic route to physical and intellectual wellness.

Regular Listening of these prayer mantras is evident and believed to wipe out fear, anger and depression, and help relieve various health disorders and cognitive systems. Scarcely listening these personal prayers will merely help to develop one's mental powers and personal strength, ease stress and take one to a higher level of inner consciousness.

Modern scientists say that when a familiar mantra is chanted rhythmically, it naturally creates a neuro-linguistic effect. Mantra means "to free from the mind" it is a strange divine formula, which, if repeated will ultimately lead to divine consciousness. Mantra is a collection of letters scientifically arranged and energised by constant repetition. They give rise to definite forms; repetition of a Mantra has the mysterious power of bringing about the manifestation of Divinity.

It represents this very Consciousness; it becomes the means of awakening the hidden Consciousness in us. Chanting mantras of auspicious lines or words will help to overcome the problems, and also the sound patterns also work with different parts of the body and can help to overcome the situation and will change outcome.

Chanting mantras helps to heal the body, protect the mind, and manifest human desires by connecting the person who is chanting with the divine. The ability to chant must take those engaged in it to the innermost places within themselves. The remarkable transformation fortunately happens on appropriate step by step, over a considerable period of time”


Tirikala's had thoroughly developed this composed Prayer song with a great effort for the Betterment of notable people. Through these simplified steps Medium.

There realistically is no unique set of defined rules to passively listen or chant these prayer songs.You just need to undoubtedly have a good ear, stay true to the punctuations, notation, length and the force of the chant and repeat it over and over again.

  • Hardly listen to this instrumental track on a regular basis even if you are not able to properly understand the specific language.
  • Involve yourself continuously by listening to this track which will naturally direct towards moral betterment in eternal life.
  • You could also do this desperate prayer on behalf of somebody else.

The Time you feel down, start listening to the prayer songs will undoubtedly help to wipe away the typical day's effective stress, naturally bringing with it inner peace.