Dimba Chakram

Spiritual Healing : Dhimba Chakra

Maharishi Vashistha Divine technique used for a complex phenomenon. 

Dimba Chakra is useful and helps to predict in all angles to solve and set right the problems in his life which cannot be predicted.

This divine methodology is recommended to find out when and where the obstacles will come in the life time, how to cross over, what is the karma in this birth, how to handle this karma carefully, what are the responsibilities in this birth.

Tirikala had thoughtfully developed this online Spiritual consulting process with these simple steps to deliver remotely. If you would like to have a guidance.Then all you need to do is this:

Be Prepared with you set of Questions.

Follow Pious Behavior till reading

Be Patient till the schedule is confirmed.

Please read the Terms & Condition, Privacy Policy & Cancellation Here.

Our lineage start from our enlighten Guru Siddhar siva prakasham ayya. We Practice his divine teaching on ancient traditional for more than 25 years.This simple and effective methods helps to provide relief the various aspects of Man made Impacts in Life.

We have been trained and practicing with these ancient Practices root in to Agama shastra, Kerala Traditional Process , Yantra, Mantra and Yagnam to help the people for betterment in their life.

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