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Ayur Devata - God of Longevity

Ayusha Homam is performed by invoking Ayur Devata and chanting Ayusha Suktham.This homam is performed as a powerful karmic relief for children with a Balarishta Curse and People suffering from Illness.Also Performing during naming ceremony of a newly born baby will help them to lead a Happy and better longevity

Karmic Benefits of Performing Ayusha Homam:

The ritual is recommended for those who are suffering from severe health ailments and to protect from life threats.

  • Helps Children to overcome the Karmic curse caused due to Balarishta.
  • Helps to provide Grant relief from incurable illnesses..
  • Helps to Increase longevity if Performed regularly.
  • Helps to Improve health conditions from Medical treatments.
When is the best time & Place to perform Ayusha Homam?

Our Experts Suggest with an Auspicious date & Place based on Time-space calculation of Individual karma, In general Auspicious

Place : Temples | Enery-spot | Home

Day & Time : Tuesday, Friday and Sunday | Birth Nakshatra.

How to Participate in Ayusha Homam?

We (Tirikala) Provide you an opportunity to participate in your homam puja directly (Live) without any additional cost or you can come directly to attend the pooja or homam.

What will I receive?

Blessing from Ayur devata and his Sacred grey ash powder from the Homam, which you can duly apply it on the forehead as and when required to invoke the divine blessings and protection.

Our Ritual service

Tirikala's Integrated online Platform helps the individuals to perform ritual as per their requirements.

Homam - Fire ritual is an Traditional technology used to synchronize with cosmic energy balancing with Appropriate equal waves through Sound(Mantra) and light(Firelab). Homa is not just a rituals activity, but it is a Simple Cosmic technology used to Transfer different forms of energy as per souls Needs.

We/Our expert are from the Siddha Lineage, Our fire-labs Practice are unique with a set of repetitive and patterned behavior prescribed in Agamic shastra. This repetitive behaviour generated through Sound Waves will help Break the Karmic pattern through Energy transformation. So our expert follow below ritual Procedure to perform a this ritual homam.

Prasannam Puja

Punyaha Vachanam

Ganapathi Puja

Maha Sankalpam

Kalasa Puja

Homam Mantra Avarthi

Mangala Deep Arathi


Abhisekam (Hydration)

Deepa Arathi to Main God-Goddess and Navagragha

Nava Gragha Shanti Prethi

Full Meals Food Donation to one People.

* Prohibited In Live mode.

About us

Our roots are deep into Sidhars way of Living. In the early 13th Century, our beloved Rishi Sivaprakasham, attained enlightenment, Near Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. Before leaving his human form, he passed on his teachings, spiritual practices and even today, he is our divine guide.

Each member of Tirikala has been practicing our beloved Rishi teachings for at least 15 years and some for the last 45 years.


We Follows a unique system based on individual karma and its relevant remedial solution. Our spiritual experts are trained and experienced with various spiritual Practices in Nigama and Agama shastra in the combination of Parasuramakalpa Sutram, Tantra Samuchayam and Padhati.

Our Specialization practice is further extended through various ancient traditional Concepts which help to Unlock the natural Karma pattern and man made energy enforcement through Simple and Effective remedial methodologies.


We, Tirikala Perform Rituals ,Special Poojas and other ceremonies within our dedicated temple and Deity. Our temple is equipped with Kundam / Fire Pits to perform all Homam and Yagam. In addition that we have strong network presence across various remedial temples to perform the Hazel free authentic rituals.

We have been helping Lakh of souls to overcome their Karma occurrence.

Our Other services

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