Astro remedies for success in life

Astro remedies for success in life

All living beings in this universe must experience the karma they have created through their actions in past lives. It is a universal law. Based on the knowledge of the divine enlightenment of various siddhas and their works, we offer various remedies to overcome personal karma and improve your life. 

These recommended astrological remedies are the result of 20 years of astrological research. Their source of knowledge was limited to the countless nadi astrological scriptures and palm leaf readings of India, which gave the desired results to the soul. Although there are many astrological methods to balance karma. The most effective and efficient are the ancient temples, which serve as energy points in the universe,  built to balance the energy needs of each soul. 

We would like to introduce temples like this, which provide karma balancing solutions for those who wish to grow and succeed in life.

Temple                 : Sri Sarabeshwarar temple

Location               : Tirubuvanam (Near Kumbakonam, on Mayilauduthurai  to Kumbakonam Road)

Prayer God          : Lord Kampaheswarar

Prayer Goddess   : Sri Dharmasamvardhini, Sri Aramvalarthanayagi 

Puja Prayer Rituals

Lord Sarabheswara is the unique form of Lord Shiva with a combination of Siva, Vishnu, Prathyankira and Sulini Durga. Praying to Lord Sarabeshwara in this temple during Rahu Kala on Sunday (4:30 pm - 6:00 pm) and Friday (10:30 am - 12:00 pm) will bring relief and growth necessary.

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