Astrological Remedies Help Cure Skin Problems

Astrological Remedies Help Cure Skin Problems

The concept of karma is closely tied to the alignment of celestial bodies in the universe at the time of an individual's birth. According to this belief, specific planets embody various energies and influences that can impact different aspects of a person's life, including emotions and health. The ever-changing movements of the planets are perceived to be dynamic, with their influence on individuals being shaped by karma.

Within the karmic framework of astrological predictions, particular planets are associated with different facets of life and health. It is believed that the positions of these planets at the time of an individual's birth determine their destiny, and unfavorable or malefic influences can bring about difficulties and have a lasting impact on health.

The law of karma proposes a connection between certain aspects of karmic deeds and their intricate link with the soul, influencing health challenges. In this context, skin-related issues are viewed as part of a complex interplay of internal factors, including genetics, environmental influences, and lifestyle choices that shape an individual's health factors from past lives through medical Astrology.

Beyond physical discomfort, skin diseases have a profound impact, affecting the body's most visible part and potentially giving rise to psychological challenges such as low self-esteem and stress. These challenges are considered as components of an individual's karmic journey.

In addition to internal influences, external factors are taken into account, such as ancestral curses and negative energy impacts. These external influences are perceived as contributing to various health challenges. The interconnected web of internal and external factors is believed to play a role in shaping an individual's overall health experiences within the context of their karmic journey, including psychological well-being and stress-related issues.

In certain traditions, remedies related to skin diseases may be recommended. These practices could involve creating an equilibrium between vaata, pitta, and kapha doshas, consuming neem leaves, or applying coconut oil to the skin. While these remedies are suggested in certain Medial systems, Individuals are encouraged to seek medical advice for accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Combining both holistic Spiritual practices and medical guidance may contribute to a more comprehensive approach to overall well-being.

Purification and Healing: Engage in practices such as prayer, meditation, or acts of kindness to purify negative karma and promote healing. The idea is to balance or mitigate the effects of past actions to overcome Health C

Poojas (Rituals):

Performing specific rituals or poojas dedicated to certain deities associated with health and well-being might be suggested as a way to seek divine intervention and blessings for skin-related issues.

Temple Name           :   Sri Uma Maheswarar Mangala Nayaki Suyambu Natarajar Temple

Temple Location       :   Kancheepuram

Prayer God               :   Uma Maheswarar

Prayer Goddess        :   Angavala Nayaki

Engaging in the sacred ceremonies of Milk,Honey,Tender cocunt Abhishekam and Performing  Archana Puja either in your personal visit or Online puja or at your home is believed by to aid in overcoming karmic health challenges and promoting overall wellness.

Gemstone Therapy: Wearing specific gemstones, such as emerald or moonstone, can have positive effects on the skin. The choice of gemstone is often based on an individual's astrological chart.

Mantras and Prayers: Chanting Thirumurai mantras will suggest to balance the planetary influences associated with skin issues. The chanting is often accompanied by rituals and a disciplined routine.

Astrological Yantra :Handwritten Rahu yantras (geometric diagrams) associated with God Rahu and Ketu is believed to bring positive energy when placed in the home or worn as an amulet.

The combined holistic spiritual practices with evidence-based medical care can contribute to a comprehensive approach to health and well-being.


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