Astrological Remedies prayer to Improve Life Style

Astrological Remedies prayer to Improve Life Style

Karma is deeply rooted in cosmic laws with a variety of philosophical traditions, emphasizing the idea that our actions have consequences and shape our current and future journeys. This principle is closely related to the cyclical dynamics of cause and effect, whereby our actions, intentions, and decisions play an important role in shaping our personal destiny.

Out of a spiritual and philosophical point of view, there is an interaction between karma and its influence through astrological predictions. These influences can be harmonized through various appropriate means, often referred to as astrological remedies.Numerous astrological methods have been developed for karmic reconciliation, but some of the most effective methods associated with it are ancient temples and their rituals.

Our ancestors had a deep vision behind these temples and designed them as energy centers tailored to each individual's unique energy needs  for karmic reconciliation.

Temple Prayers

Temple Name            :   Shree Thillai Natarajar Temple

Temple Location       :    Chidambaram

Prayer God                :   Sadasivam Moorthy

Participating in the sacred rituals of Flyash Abhisekam and Archana Puja during a personal visit will help the soul overcome karmic challenges and achieve success in life with blessings such as wealth, health, and prosperity.

Alternate Remedial Puja at Home:

For individuals unable to visit the temple, conduct a Remedial Puja at home. The outcomes may vary based on individual karmic needs. Follow these steps:
Preparation:  Cleanse yourself physically and mentally. Gather necessary puja rituals offering such as Flyash , Milk, incense and a lamp.
Invocation (Avahana): Invite the God annamalaiyar to your sacred space, often done by chanting mantras or prayers.
Offerings (Upachara): Perform Flyash Abhisekam and incense as offerings to the God Sadasivam Moorthy
Prayers and Mantras: Recite prayers, hymns, and mantras dedicated to God Sadasivam Moorthy to establish a Divine communication.
Prayer Time: Any Day
Prayer Request: Engage in meditation to deepen your prayer connection with divine, seeking protection against karmic action.
Aarti: Perform the aarti ceremony, waving a lit lamp in front of the God Sadasivam Moorthy.
Prasad Donations: Donate Prasad to the people after your puja completion

Regularly engaging in the Remedial Puja with sincere prayer requests is designed to mitigate the unfavorable karmic influence releated obstacles in life to achieve success.

Note: The effectiveness of these Remedial Puja may vary, Please consult with a knowledgeable karmic astrologer or spiritual guide for personalized guidance is recommended. This home-based puja is a way to engage in spiritual practices and seek positive energy in the comfort of your own space.


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