Exploring Ayush Homam with the Sacred Traditions of Tirikala

Exploring Ayush Homam with the Sacred Traditions of Tirikala

Ayush Homam is a traditional  ritual performed to invoke the blessings of Ayur Devata, the god associated with longevity and health. The ritual is deeply rooted in its culture and is said to increase life expectancy and promote overall well-being. Ayush Homam is considered especially helpful when a child is battling a long-term illness. According to the wisdom of the sages, performing Ayush Homam should be repeated, ideally every month, until the child recovers.

In a broader sense, it is customary to perform an annual Ayush Homam, which marks the beginning of a child's life, and usually begins when the child turns one year old. Ayush Homam emphasizes the importance of seeking divine intervention for the well-being of the child, especially during difficult health times. Regular performances of Ayush Homam are in line with the ancient wisdom of sage Bodhanya and provide a spiritual framework to nurture and sustain life.

Purpose Of Ayushya Homam

The purpose of Ayush Homam is to bring happiness, prosperity and positivity in one's life and home. Through Fire kunds and mantras Ayush Homam is performed to appease Lord Ayur Devata, who has the power to purify the home and eliminate negativity.

Ayush Homam effectively eliminates health risks. Ayush Homam protects children from karmic debts and health problems.

When To Perform Ayushya Homam

The auspicious time of Ayush Homam depends on the date of birth of the individual, especially the star or Janma Nakshatra date of the person. The most auspicious day for this sacred ritual and considered the day of Shubh is the child's first birthday. However, if your child is unwell, there is flexibility as performing Ayush Homam during the ear piercing ceremony is possible at any age.

If your child has any health issue or serious condition, consulting our knowledgeable guruji is essential to ensure that your child has an auspicious day.

Moreover, Ayush Homam can also be performed at specific intervals such as every 10 years, birthdays, anniversaries or at a young age to seek the blessings of Ayur Devta for a longer and healthier life.

For those considering performing the auspicious Ayush Homam ritual, the ideal choice is Tirikala - Online Puja services. They provide a unique and convenient platform for individuals to participate in traditional Karmic rituals, ceremonies, and prayers right from the comfort of their homes.

Tirikala distinguishes itself through a commitment to authenticity and adherence to the teachings of Siddhar Sivaprakasham Ayya, tracing its origin from enlightenment near Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Tirikala Guruji and his team have been practicing the Siddhar teachings for decades, with expertise in Nigama and Agama shastra, Parasurama Kalpa Sutra, Tantra Samuchayam, and Padhati.

Ritual center offers the flexibility of performing Ayush Homam and other rituals in their dedicated energy place or ancient temple. This unique facility boasts a Fire Kundam, Yaga Kundam, and spiritual herbs, ensuring a hassle-free and genuine ritual experience.

Visit Tirikala's website, log in, and proceed to book an online Ayushya Homam service.


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