Benefits of Lamp Lighting with Different Oils

Benefits of Lamp Lighting with Different Oils

Lamp lighting, known as Deepa Jyothi, holds profound spiritual significance, believed to dispel ignorance and usher in prosperity, health, and auspiciousness. Different oils used for lamp lighting carry distinct spiritual benefits:

Cow's Ghee:

Spreads positive energy and attracts the blessings of Mahalakshmi Devi.

Eliminates poverty and bestows wealth and good health.

Sesame Oil (Til or Gingelly Oil):

Dispels doshas and wards off evil spirits.

Mitigates bad karma and life challenges, especially during Sade-sati or Saturn's Mahadasa and Antardasa.

Neem Oil:

Creates opportunities for wealth and is recommended for praying to Lord Bhairava on New Moon days or Krishna Ashtami.

Combining with mahua oil enhances blessings from Goddess Parasakthi and family deities.

Castor Oil:

Promotes happiness in family life, spiritual growth, fame, and prosperity.

Attracts good fortune from relatives.

Coconut Oil:

Invokes blessings from Lord Ganesha and family deities.

Enhances domestic happiness.

Mahua Oil:

Attracts blessings from Lord Shiva and helps alleviate debt and health-related problems.

Panchadeepa Oil:

A blend of sesame or coconut oil, castor oil, neem oil, mahua oil, and cow's ghee.

Attracts wealth, good fortune, health, and happiness.

Neutralizes negative vibrations for prosperity and abundance.

Avoid using sunflower oil and groundnut oil for lamp lighting, as they may increase debts and financial difficulties. Worshipping Lord Bhairava with pancha deepa oil lamps on Ashtami and New Moon days is recommended for overcoming obstacles, fear, and misery, and promoting overall well-being.

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