Nadi Astrology Explained - Know the Science of Predictive Astrology

Nadi Astrology Explained - Know the Science of Predictive Astrology

Known as the ancient Indian science of predictive astrology, Nadi astrology depends on predictions determined by the Nadi-siddhas’ recordings. This stream of astrology establishes the belief that the three stages of time are recorded on palm leaves by Nadi-siddhas. Inscribed in Sanskrit, the palm leaves contain the karmic data of individuals. The practice of Nadi astrology entails a Nadi astrologer who reads the palm leaves to determine the karmic data of an individual while predicting their future.

How Predictions Are Made by Nadi Astrology

The astrologer uses the birth details of a person to find the matching leaf and then the expert decodes the Sanskrit text to interpret the information inside.

The predictions cover all facets of a person's life, including health, wealth, career, spiritual growth, relationships, etc. The Nadi astrologer can also advise on overcoming obstacles while improving one's life.

Often considered a highly accurate form of predictive astrology, this astrology is often incorporated with other forms of astrology including Vedic astrology as well as Western astrology. Recently, Nadi astrology has gained global recognition around the world.

The good news is that many Nadi astrologers now offer services online to make it easier for people to access quality prediction services.

Nadi Astrology - Its Significance

A form of ancient astrological system, Nadi astrology is mainly practiced in southern India. There are two types of Nadi astrology:


This has the key focus on predictions of the past, present as well as the future of an individual. It basically focuses on worldly things including the love life, income, job, etc. of an individual.

Jeeva Nadi

Contrarily, Jeeva Nadi has its key focus on factors such as the Nakshatras. The associated queries appear on the palm leaves.

The main principle depending on which Nadi astrology works is that the present life of a person has been already visioned by ancestral monks. In this astrology, the predictions are made depending on the thumb impressions of individuals.

For men, the right-hand thumb impression and for women, the left-hand thumb impression is required for predictions. This is how the Nadi horoscope predictions are made.


Nadi astrology, an ancient Indian system of astrology, is an accurate system of astrology. Are you willing to get your prediction from a Nadi astrologer online? If yes, then you must check out a trusted website to get the most precise Nadi astrology predictions online. Here you will be served by the best Nadi astrologers.


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