27 Nakshatra and their Lords For Betterment

27 Nakshatra and their Lords For Betterment

The Prediction in karmic astrology delves into the representation of the core karma through the zodiac, while the classification of sub-karma is achieved through Nakshatras. These Nakshatras, also referred to as lunar mansions or star constellations, are evenly divided into 27 segments, each spanning 13 degrees and 20 minutes of the ecliptic cosmic energy. They hold significant importance in determining various karmic astrological factors, particularly the moon's position at the time of an individual's birth during their soul's journey.

Every Nakshatra is linked to a specific constellation and its ruling deity, known as Janma Nakshatra. This Nakshatra, under which souls enter the universe, is believed to shape our karmic destiny through the influence of a ruling deity with distinctive qualities and characteristics. Moreover, each Nakshatra is under the governance of a specific planetary lord, referred to as Nakshatra lord or Nakshatra pati, which further impacts the Nakshatra's attributes. By understanding the diverse influences of these Nakshatras and their lords, we can unveil the secrets of our life path, fortune, and overall well-being.

In the intricate tapestry of Karma, Nakshatra lords hold a Important position, intricately tighted up with our lives. These celestial entities, intricately linked to the 27 Nakshatras, play a pivotal role in shaping  individual's unique qualities, traits, and life events. Each Nakshatra is under the influence of a specific lord, infusing it with distinct cosmic energies and Karmic  influences.

The significance of Nakshatra lords transcends mere symbolism; they actively guide and direct the manifestations of planetary energies within each Nakshatra. By delving into the profound role of Nakshatra lords, Individual can unravel the deeper layers of meaning, providing valuable insights into the intricate workings to reshape our karmic destinies.

Listed Below Nakshtra Lord ..

Zodic Sign                        Star constellation                      Nakshatras Lord ( As Per Vedic Shastra)

Aries (Mesham) Ashwini                Goddess Saraswati Devi

Aries (Mesham) Bharani                Goddess Durga Devi During Astami Puja

Aries (Mesham) Karthikai 1st pada    God Murugan in Saravana Avatars

Taurus(Mesham)                 Karthikai 2,3,4 pada            God Murugan (Lord Saravana Avatar)

Taurus (Rishabam) Rohini Lord Krishnan(Lord Vishnu Avatar)

Taurus (Rishabam) Mrigaseerdam 1,2nd Pada        God Chandra Choodeswarar

Gemini (Rishabam) Mrigaseerdam 3,4nd Pada        God Chandra Choodeswarar

Gemini (Mithunam) Thiruvadhirai(Ardra) God Shiva

Gemini (Mithunam) Punarbhusam 1,2,3rd Pada Lord Vishnu (In Rama Avatar)

Cancer (Kadagam) Punarbhusam 4Pada     Lord Vishnu (In Rama Avatar)

Cancer (Kadagam) Pusam (Pushya) God Dakshinamurthy (Lord Shiva)

Cancer (Kadagam) Ashlesha( Aayilyam) God Adiseshan

Leo(Simha)                         Magha God Surya Bhagavan

Leo(Simha) Pooram(Poorva Phalguni) Goddess Andal Devi

Leo(Simha) Uttiram(Uttara Phalguni 1st )  Goddess Mahalakmi Devi

Virgo(kanni)        Uttiram (2,3,4 pada) Goddess Mahalakmi Devi

Virgo(kanni)        Hasta (Hastham) Goddess Gayatri Devi

Virgo(kanni)        Chitrai(1,2nd pada) God Chakrathalwar

Libra(Tula) Chitrai(3,4nd pada) God Chakrathalwar

Libra(Tula) Swati God Narasimhar

Libra(Tula) Vishaka 1,2,3rd pada               God Murugan

Scorpio(Viruchigam) Vishaka 4 pada                       God Murugan

Scorpio(Viruchigam) Anuradha(Anusham) God Lakshmi Narayanan

Scorpio(Viruchigam) Jyeshta (Ketta) God Hayagrivar

Sagittarius(Dhanusu)        Moola (Moolam) God Anjaneyar

SSagittarius(Dhanusu)        Pooradam (Poorvashadha) God Jambukeswarar

Sagittarius(Dhanusu)        Uthiradam 1st pada God Vinayakar

Capricorn(Makaram) Uthiradam 2,3,4th pada God Vinayakar

Capricorn(Makaram) Thiruvonam(Sharavan) God Hayagreeva 

Capricorn(Makaram) Avittam(Dhanishtha 1,2)        God Ananda Sayana Perumal

Aquarius(Kumbha) Avittam (Dhanishtha 3,4)            God Ananda Sayana Perumal

Aquarius(Kumbha) Sathayam (Shatbhisha) God Mrityunjeswarar

Aquarius(Kumbha) Puratathi (1,2,3rd pada)        God Ekapada Nathar(Lord shiva)

Pisces(Meenam) Puratathi ( 4 pada)        God Ekapadar (Lord Shiva)

Pisces(Meenam) Uttara Bhadrapada                    God Eshwarar (Lord Shiva)

Pisces(Meenam) Revathi God Aranganathan.

Note: The astrological predictions and remedial solutions provided here are of a general nature, offering insights based on common astrological principles. It's important to recognize that individual outcomes may vary significantly due to the unique influence of one's personal karma. For a more personalized consultation tailored to your specific circumstances, please contact Tirikala.


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